manufacturer of climate chambers

FDM: The manufacturer of climate chambers Leader in Italy

The historic company born in Rome in 1949, is the manufacturer of climate chambers Leader in Italy. FDM stands out for its solid “know-how”, acquired over time, and the commitment and professionalism it provides every day for its customers. FDM offers a range of products useful to scientific and industrial laboratories. The company also has a team of engineers specializing in custom products. Many researchers and big industry rely on our team to make customized solutions ready to perform specific tests they require.

Production of climate chambers for different types of tests

Each scientific or industrial laboratory needs to test a material in different and certain conditions. FDM produces climatic chambers for different types of tests. The growth chambers, useful to accelerate the growth process of plants or insects. Climate chambers for stability testing, useful for performing pharmaceutical tests. Temperature chambers, useful for testing materials under specific temperature conditions. The climate chambers or environmental chambers, which are specific for testing at variable temperatures and humidity conditions. Additionally, FDM produces climatic chambers for materials test, that can be used to determine freeze/thaw resistance on different types of materials.

Made in Italy; Crucial to producing climate chambers

FDM is constantly evolving and looking to improve its products. FDM believes in quality, made in Italy is at the base of our products. The climatic chambers produced are equipped with the best components. They provide greater reliability in the test, and give long life to the climatic chambers. Our mission is to improve test quality in research laboratory by providing timely and reliable machinery for multiple applications.

FDM speaks your language. Being present in Europe and extra UE contries gives us the possibility to support you with your requirements, at you side. Our policy is looking for distributors that, with our training, become expert in FDM equipment and will help you with ordinary and extra ordinary after sale maintenance. We know price is not the only valuable thing that matters. FDM Service and Support is present in: Spain, France, Poland, UK, Germany Benelux, Estonia, Switzerland, Greece, Serbia, Pakistan, Bangladesh, South Korea. Isn’t it enough? Discover our Remote Support by our Engeeering team.

Climatic hydraulic press

climatic hydraulic press

Climatic hydraulic press; Climatic module paired with any press

If you have a hydraulic press, and you need to do test at controlled temperatures and humidity, FDM has already the solution for you. We’ve put ourselves to the test once again, designing a unique machine and that allows the coupling with your current press.

The climatic chamber can be coupled and de-coupled to the press in a simple and fast way . Thanks to the installation of the chamber on rails. In this way, it will be enough to pull out the chamber’s axes and slide backwards the climatic structure. The project was born with the necessity of a customer, who was already in possession of a hydraulic press and wondered us if it was possible to create a climate coupled with it.  So we managed to meet the customer’s economic / qualitative needs by creating a custom machine for unique and efficient testing.


Main features of climatic hydraulic press are:

Temperature range: -30/+80°C

Temperature changes in time: ±0.1…0.5°C

Max Cooling / Heating Speed: +5/-5 °C/min


Other features of climatic hydraulic press:

Temperature and humidity probe are located close the Test sample

RS485 interface port

External elettronic controller with programmer

Controlled Humidity to avoid condensation

External glass door with inner lighting to the climatic

Internal and external structure completely in stainless steel AISI 304

Cable holes both wall sides.

The climatic hydraulic press, can work both with manual and automatic mode through the software already installed on the press with RS485 interface and external electronic controller.