Water flooding system


Water flooding system

Water flooding system
This model (CB/S Series + SPS07 option) can provide/equip of a flooding and discharging water system.
It is composed by two vessels both in stainless steel:

Inner Vessel (volume 150 l):

immagine2 immagine3
The maximum water level controller stops the water charging, during the flooding time. Water charged and discharged are both done by the hole at the bottom right of the inner vessel.
The outer vessel is composed of two rooms, one is the water vessel, and the other is the technical room of the water vessel. In this last room is contained the water pump, the discharge electro valve and the water temperature thermostat. This thermostat is set to 23°C from the manufacturer. It controls the water temperature contained in the outer vessel by the regulation of a bar-heating.

This option is compatible with the following standard:

EN 1348
EN 12004

You can equip the water flooding system with this series


Climate Chamber illumination FDM
Light test chambers

Light test chambers

We have realized the light test chambers for best plant, insect, sement growing.
Our climate chambers are equipped with different illumination lamps.

The system lets you control the fundamental parameters for fast growing: temperature, humidity and light. These variables
are tuned and checked by an automatic controller capable of a natural and uniform growing environment set.
You can choose where to install the lamps; shelves, walls or both.

Nowadays, we propose the following solutions and models for light test chambers:

  • LDC models: the perfect natural sunday light, with humidity and temperature
  • LBC models: for insect and animal growing, with temperature and humidity
  • LFC models: for plant growing, with temperature and humidity
  • LAC models: for arabidopsis best growing, with temperature and humidity

Our climate chambers with illumination can have other configurations depending on your specific simulation test.

Climate chamber for keeping mice


Climate chamber for keeping mice: requirements

Research institutes and bio labs usually need special chambers to test plants or animals growth. But not always their needs encounter the right solution from standard products. A climatic chamber reseller from Germany was asked by a big science laboratory for a special solution: a hugebclimatic chamber for mice safe growth. We care a lot research as we think it’s the future. So FDM answered to this request.

Climate chamber for keeping mice:  solution

FDM proposed a special automatic controlled climatic chamber. This solution was equipped with cages for mice containment, UV lights and controlled environment as well as:
– Night and day cycles simulation
– Programmed Temperature and Humidity
– Removable doors to facilitate researchers operations
– Settable alarms to help controlling medicines effects over time
– Registration of data during all the cycles and production of a complete log