Temperature and Humiditdy model codes

Following page will illustrate and help to generate Climate and Temperature Chamber model codes.

In the column on the Left side are present all the Chamber Options, as inner illumination, cycles on temperature/humidity.

In the Right column side there is a code example.

Option/Accessories can be generated apart, they’ll be added later at the generated code

Cyclic climate chamber

Light Climate Chamber

Constant climate chamber

Constant temperature chamber

Temperature Chamber for sale


Chamber model code

Internal illumination1
With illuminationL
Without illumination (standard)-
Type of lamp2
No lamp (standard)-
Parameter controls3
Temperature & HumidityC
Net volume4
Net volume 130140
Net volume 310370
Net volume 370440
Net volume 450600
Net volume 530700
Net volume 810900
Net volume 10201200
Net volume 11801500
Net volume 18302300
Temperature range5
Special specs6
No special specs (standard)-
Freeze thawC
White steel-
Stainless steelX
Controller type8
Constant controllers-
Programmable with cyclePRO

Example: LBC700SXPRO

As noted by the example in the table the generated code is: Climatic Chamber with inner illumination and Biolamp type lamps, 350 liters net volume (700 gross), temperature range 0…+70°C and inner material INOX steel. Programmer with 1 program and 20 steps.


It is possible to add to the Chamber option/accessories like controller’s extra programs and steps or the system of pools

Following the list of the available option/accessories

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