PRO touch controller

The revoFACE Touch display is a PID microprocessor Temperature and Humidity (with also Light option possibilities) controller.
User friendly home screen with the full control of parameters. Its standard equipment is 1 program and 20 segment, but can be upgraded up to 50 programs and 200 segments.
You can create, edit and enable programs directly on the touch screen.
By trend monitor screen, you can monitor parameters recorded data. Optionally you can download all data monitored on USB storage.
The revoFACE Touch programmer will trace all alarms and report it on a dedicated view.

Technical specs

Temperature Regulation Step -> 0.1°C
Humidity Regulation Step -> 1%
5,7” full color Touch screen with white backlight led.
User friendly and easy to use home screen
1 program and 20 segments by standard (upgradeable up to 50 prg. and 200 seg.)
Multi-segment temperature-time profile (up to 200)
Loop fuction up to 99 times or endless
Adjustable ramps
Programmable/edit ramps and hold
Paramenters trend monitoring
Data monitoring storable on USB (optional)
Overview of set and current parameters while operating
Audible and visual alarms of: setpoint parameters, open door, sensors fail
Alarms dedicated screen list
Program Edit Screen with two temperature sensor (optional)
Program Edit Screen with flooding system (optional)
Program Edit Screen with illumination system (optional)
Infinitive days programming
Possibility of parameters calibration by the User
Password protected settings
Real time clock
Digital timer
1x RS232C/RS485 port interface
1x Ethernet IEEE 802.3 compliant
1x USB (type A) 2.0
1x USB (mini-B) 2.0