This environmental testing chamber version is only 25 liters and equipped with ‘PID (stillFACE)’ regulation device that can be used for ‘stability’ testing conditions. Alternatively, it can be equipped with programmable controller for cycling test (revoFACE); in this case we can manipulate the temperature and humidity making the testing much more dynamic.

This Environmental Chamber Consists of The Following Attributes:

  • Vast weathering range, with temperature ranging from -40°C to +180°C and humidity varying from 30% to 98% rh with a fluctuation range of less than 3.
  • Material used to manufacture this device is of very high quality. The exterior portion is made of ‘white coated galvanized steel’ and the interior is made of ‘AISI 304 stainless steel’.
  • Device is free insulated from CFC and HCFC.
  • Its interior consists of steel grid which are removable and height-adjustable as required.

It is basically a single-shelve environmental chamber, with its interior and exterior dimensions suitable to categorize it as ‘Portable’ as it weighs only 80kgs.

Model code40C180V25
Temperature data
Temperature range [°C]-40…+180
Temperature uniformity [± K]1
Temperature fluctuation [± K]±0.1
Humidity data
Humidity range [% r.h] 30 to 98
Humidity fluctuation [±% r.h] ≤ 3
Controller data
ControllerConstant monitoring controllers
Structure and insulation
Exterior materialWhite coated galvanized steel
Internal materialAISI 304 Stainless Steel
InsulationCFC and HCFC free
Shelf grillRemovable and height adjustable steel grid
Alarm and security
Type alarmAudio-visual
Alarm parameterHot temperature
Remote connection
Security deviceSafety device with manual reset class 1 (DIN 12880)
Data Dimension
Net Interior volume [l]25
Net weight of the unit [Kg]80
Interior Dimension
Width [mm]300
Depth [mm]235
Height [mm]295
Exterior Dimension
Width [mm]444
Depth [mm]695
Height [mm]690
Interior Shelves
Number of Shelves1
Width [mm]300
Depth [mm]235
Main Door
Number of Door1
Electrical Data
Energy consumption at 37 °C [kWh/h]0.5
Rated Voltage [V]220/240
Power Frequency [Hz]50
Nominal Power [kW]1
Unit Fuse [A]16
Phase (Nominal voltage)1~
CategoryTitleFile typeDownload
Controllore stillFACEstillFACEPDFDownload

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More stillFACE controller specifications here

Need quickly help? Save time by starting your support request online

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