Environmental Chambers for extreme testing conditions

At FDM we developed a new line of Environmental Test Chambers to meet different testing, volume, temperature and humidity requirements, to face any extreme testing condition (e.g. thermal shock tests) and to facilitate the user in maintenance actions.

The inner volume of this climatic chamber may be chosen among various sizes in order to test specimens of different dimensions: choose between the 25L, 150L, 350L, 900L, 1500L

Our environmental test chamber is equipped with a thermo-glass door that allows an internal view of the chamber. Apart from the 25L version, every version has the door as standard.

The inner structure of the machine is exteremely resistant, thanks to its stainless steel composition.

Furthermore, all our test chambers are equipped with reinforced racks.

The humidification system performance is more accurate since it is ultrasonic, this means:

  • low maintenance
  • low water consumption
  • low energy consumption

According to your requirements, we can offer two different controllers:

  1. stillFACE-> generally used for stability testing and constant monitoring of temperature and humidity.
  2. revoFACE-> used for dynamic testing, with possibility of programming a cyclic testing.

Is that it? In order to facilitate the access of cables inside the chamber, we also provide as standard a cable port with silicon plug.

Last but not least, the water tank for the humidifcation is installed under the chamber making it extremely easy for the operator to access it. Optionally a water source kit, for connecting the chamber directly to water source.

Have not found what you are looking for? We can offer a full customization of your test chamber. Tell us what your needs are, and we will work on that, easy as it seems.

Test Chambers manufactured by FDM

Environmental Test Chambers `{`-40..+180°C`}`

Improve your testing simulation and make the ideal environment with cyclical temperature/humidity control