Germination seed table for fast and easly incubation

TG Series

This method of Germination seed table, also known by the name of “Copenhagen table” or “Jakobson table”, is able to provide a controlled environment for comparative tests of seeds.

Environmental control is achieved providing to the seed: constant temperature and humidity level, controlled carefully and homogeneous to ensure that all samples treated equally. Inside there is a system of temperature control, composed of a heat exchanger and a pump of movement. The water level and the temperature are regulated automatically by an electronic device. The tank is equipped of drain tap and pipe overflow.

The test desk of the Germination seed table is composed of a perforated shelf in stainless steel AISI 304 located above a tank of water at temperature controlled. Close to the holes can be positioned profiles of absorbent paper with the transparent bell jars (not supplied) that allow the comparative tests of germination. The entire building is made of stainless steel AISI 304.

Model codeTemperature range (°C)Holes for seeds testable (n°)External dimension (WxDxH mm)Shelf support size (WxDxH mm)Electric power (W)
TG120+4…+501201160x950x1010 960×8201900
TG180+4…+501801165x950x1010 1450×8201900
Temperature dataTemperature dataTemperature data
Temperature range [°C]+4…+50+4…+50
Usable shelf area [WxD mm]960×8201450×820
External dimensions [WxDxH mm]1160x950x10101165x950x1010
Net weight [Kg]95110
Controller dataController dataController data
Type of controlelectronicelectronic
Shelf holes dataShelf holes dataShelf holes data
Number of holes on shelve120180
Alarm data Alarm data Alarm data
Warning alarmVisual and audibleVisual and audible
Sound power dataSound power dataSound power data
Sound power level [dB]5353
Electrical dataElectrical dataElectrical data
Electric power [W]19001900
Rated Voltage [V]220/240220/240
Power Frequency [Hz]5050
CategoryTitleFile typeDownload
DatasheetTG SeriesPDFDownload

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