Simulation chamber according to European Standards

Material testing is stressful not only for the specimens. When is required to satisfy standards as for example:

EN 196-1 EN 1324 ASTM 2247-11
EN 1367-1 EN 12004 ASTM C581-03
EN 12390-2 EN 1348 ASTM D 2247-11
EN 12371 EN1346 ASTM E 104-02
EN 13383-2 EN 1308 JUS.U.M1.016
EN 1367-6 EN 12002 JUS.U.M1.055
CEN/TS 772-22:2006 EN 1344:2013
you can be stressed too. Don’t worry about that, just relax and push the button!

Choose the standard you need to run on your climate chamber with the easiness of a touch screen, that’s all. You need more test standards? Program it by yourself or ask us to do it for you. We’ll send you an USB key with the software updates.
Tell us if you have special requirements about standards, run steps and temperature/humidity cycles.

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