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FDM is an Italian based company specializing in laboratory equipment. As a leader in equipment supply and manufacture; it is the obvious choice for your medical and pharmaceutical equipment, recommended for their products’ reliability and durability.

The pharmaceutical industry is understandably perhaps one of the most regulated industries on the market. With so much at stake, laboratories must take all necessary precautions to follow guidelines and make sure that the substances produced in their labs comply with the law. While FDM are renowned for their entire base of medical equipment, their pharmaceutical refrigerator has an outstanding reputation for durability, great performance and reliability.

When it comes to the storage of your substances; it is of utmost importance to conserve them in just the right climate and environment, thus making sure you make the most of its shelf life. To that end, FDM have designed the ultimate medical refrigerator. It’s made for consistently low temperature to accommodate important items which require exceptionally cool temperatures. F.lli Della Marca have also prioritised the need for customisation in their lines of refrigerators; a feature also applicable to their range of medical freezers. No other brand can offer such a comprehensive line, nor can assure the quality guaranteed by this Italy-based brand.

Whatever the size of your laboratory, FDM will have the medical and pharmaceutical equipment just for you. You can also set your mind at ease – their customer support service is second to none. So you can purchase online; safe in the knowledge that their after sales is just as good as the product offered.

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