Constant temperature chamber – stability testing

TB-TS Series

thawing machine interior shelves
Temperature data
Temperature range [°C] TB Series-25/+70
Temperature range [°C] TS Series0/+70
Temperature fluctuation [± K]±0.1
Controller data
ControllersConstant monitoring controllers
Construction and Insulation data
Exterior and interior structureWhite plastic coated galvanized steel or Stainless steel AISI 304
InsulationCFC and HCFC free
DoorReversible self closing door with magnetic gaskets plug
Shelf grillRemovable and height adjustable plastic-coated steel
Allarm and security data
Allarm parameterHot temperature
Remote connection
Security deviceSafety device with manual reset class 1 (DIN 12880)
Temperature range [°C]-25/+70-25/+70-25/+70-25/+70-25/+70-25/+70-25/+70-25/+70-25/+70
Temperature range [°C]0/+700/+700/+700/+700/+700/+700/+700/+700/+70
Temperature variation [± K]111111111
Temperature fluctuation [± K]
Dimension data
Net Interior volume [L] 130310370450530810102011801830
Net weight of the unit [kg] 708095110160165205245360
Interior Dimension
Width [mm] 4505005006006001100132013202070
Depth [mm] 535480580570670580570670670
Height [mm]52012501250135013501250135013501350
Exterior Dimension
Width [mm]5306006007507501200150015002250
Depth [mm]640745845845820700700820820
Height [mm]94019201920210021001920210021002100
Shelf Dimension
Width [mm]400460460530530460530530530
Depth [mm]500470570550650570550650650
Main Door
Number of Door111112223
Interior Shelf
Number of Shelf233336669
Electrical data
Energy consumption at 37 °C [kWh/h]1.551.651.922.082.182.533.684.224.30
Rated Voltage [V ]220/240220/240220/240220/240220/240220/240220/240220/240220/240
Power Frequency [Hz]505050505050505050
Nominal Power [kW]
Unit Fuse [A]161616161616161616
Phase (Nominal voltage)1~1~1~1~1~1~1~1~1~
CategoryTitleFile typeDownload
DatasheetTB-TS SeriesPDFDownload
ControllerConstant controller datasheetPDFDownload

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Professional companies acknowledge the importance of testing products and materials before launching to the market. A customer must always be guaranteed the very best version of the purchase. He or She is making, an item which has undergone rigid testing to ensure an optimum underlying performance. Our experts at FDM have ensured the very best in Thermal Stress Chambers. It’s designed to test your products for temperature extremes.

This constant temperature chamber will test products and materials for their durability and performance; when exposed to very high or very low temperatures. Such a thermostatic chamber would be able to run stability temperature tests, based on the temperature levels set beforehand. Such a test is essential for any company wishing to run performance exercises on their products to verify their strength or otherwise. A stable temperature condition; would be able to test the material at hand for its performance level given a set temperature stretched over a period of time. No other constant temperature chamber would be able to provide such a rapid test outcome, as those offered by Italian brand FDM.

The temperature and humidity chamber every serious company should own; with FDM, low and high temp simulating is now entirely controllable, customisable, precise and efficient. Choose FDM and launch the very best version of your product.

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