insect and fly growth chamber


ICH compliant illumination for climate chambers

We can produce climate chambers with any light source that is designed to produce an output similar to the D65/ID65 emission standard such as an artificial daylight fluorescent lamp combining visible and ultraviolet (UV) outputs, xenon, or metal halide lamp. D65 is the internationally recognized standard for outdoor daylight as defined in ISO 10977 (1993). ID65 is the equivalent indoor indirect daylight standard. For a light source emitting significant radiation below 320 nm, an appropriate filter(s) may be fitted to eliminate such radiation. This type of illumination is according Option1 of ICH Q1B guidelines.

In addition to ICH compliant illumination, we can produce cool white fluorescent lamp designed to produce an output similar to that specified in ISO 10977 (1993) ; and a near UV fluorescent lamp having a spectral distribution from 320 nm to 400 nm with a maximum energy emission between 350 nm and 370 nm; a significant proportion of UV should is in both bands of 320 to 360 nm and 360 to 400 nm. This type of illumination is according Option2 of ICH Q1B guidelines.

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