Custom environmental test chambers: intro

Your special requirements deserve special solutions. For this purpose FDM has developed its custom division for made custom environmental test chamber. We can develop an environmental test chamber with dedicated volumes, removable doors or exceptional specimens testing are only few examples. We analyzed and developed things like machines for special mechanical tyres testing, climatic chambers filled with path tracks for mice testing and environmental chambers with special filters or lights. Our experience, and technical innovation skills, allow us to realize custom solutions to complicated testing needs for custom testing conditions. For this reasons we can produce custom environmental test chamber according to specific standards.

FDM real value is in the service you need. We are improving every day to give you the best. Confide in the FDM team; We have done custom test chambers for larger companies. Them needs was to improve your materials for make a better product. Check out below some of products that we have already done.

Customized climatic chambers that we had done:

Climatic module for hydraulic press

Easly coupled climatic module with any hydraulic press. With this module you can do hydraulic test press on specific enviromental conditions.

Main features of climatic hydraulic press are:

Temperature range: -30/+80°C

Temperature changes in time: ±0.1…0.5°C

Max Cooling / Heating Speed: +5/-5 °C/min


Light Climatic chamber

Climatic chamber for Keeping Mice, photo-period reproduction with temperature, humidity and light controlled.

Temperature range (° C) 0/+40

Temperature stability (K) ± 1

Humidity range (%) 30/80

Humidity fluctuation (%) ± 2,5



Cyclic Climatic chamber

Robust Cyclic climatic chamber for environmental test

Temperature stability of ±0.1°C

Temperature range –40°/+180°C

Temperature uniformity of ±1,5 °C

Touch Programmer with 1 program and 20 steps


More custom project

Accelerated aging test


accelerated aging test

Manufacturer of accelerated aging chamber

Studying the effects of time over a product or material has always been quintessential for companies wishing to; determine and analyse the aging process on their products. FDM experts have come together to design an accelerated aging chamber which achieves just this; making sure your product hits the market having withstood all tests, including the test of time.

Offering a range of customisable settings, the FDM High Accelerated aging test puts your material which could be components from a variety of industries under time duress. Watch accelerated aging and test your product. This without having to spend a significant amount of time as was done in the past. With this accelerated corrosion test chamber, you can now run an accelerated weathering tester; which will enable you to witness the effects of time, weathering and corrosion on your product. Few other brands understand the importance of time as F.lli Della Marca do. We recognise how every second is a precious asset in your labs and we work hard to make aging testing sustainable for your finances and resources.

Choose FDM for your highly accelerated stress tests. With our powerful chambers you can now launch durable products your customers will appreciate more as time goes by.

Our Climatic chamber for Accelerated aging, is designed for make best environment for your material samples.

Accelerated aging chamber