Environmental test chambers and environmental testing chambers

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environmental chamber

Program your test with Environmental test chambers and the easiness of a touch screen. An automatic regulator will perform the best temperature and humidity simulation cycles you need: cement/concrete testing, electronic components testing, accelerated aging and so more.

Environmental test chambers :

Cyclic Climate Chamber
Improve your testing simulation and make the ideal environment with cyclical temperature/humidity control

Constant Climate Chamber
The best constant test simulation with the well-advanced stability controls

Light Climate Chamber
The solution of the Light simulation with Humidity and Illumination in the same chamber

Material Test Chamber
The solution of the simulation for every specific standards is here. Provide to us standards and we make the perfect environment for your samples


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Tire stress test chamber

Tire stress test chamber: requirements

During F1 races drivers sumbit cars to curve angles at a crazy speed. In these situations tyres need to grip to asphalt in the most efficient way possible. This efficiency decreases by the consumption of the tyres during the race. To calculate this wear andprevent it, Bridgestone needed a solid automation machine to perform stress test on its F1 tyres.

Tire stress test chamber: requirements

FDM answered by engineering and developing a custom machine with a motion chamber equipped with robotic arms grabbing the tyre samples. Below the other functions:
– Cyclical pressure/stretching of different multi-tyre samples
– Possibility to set Humidity/Temperature inside the motion chamber
– Count of the cycles and calculation of the strain registered on every cycle
– Alarm at the tyre break
– Registration of data during all the stress tests and production of a complete log

Climate chamber for keeping mice


Climate chamber for keeping mice: requirements

Research institutes and bio labs usually need special chambers to test plants or animals growth. But not always their needs encounter the right solution from standard products. A climatic chamber reseller from Germany was asked by a big science laboratory for a special solution: a hugebclimatic chamber for mice safe growth. We care a lot research as we think it’s the future. So FDM answered to this request.

Climate chamber for keeping mice:  solution

FDM proposed a special automatic controlled climatic chamber. This solution was equipped with cages for mice containment, UV lights and controlled environment as well as:
– Night and day cycles simulation
– Programmed Temperature and Humidity
– Removable doors to facilitate researchers operations
– Settable alarms to help controlling medicines effects over time
– Registration of data during all the cycles and production of a complete log

New Touch Screen

Just press on to have full control of your Climate Chamber. The new FDM Touch Screen will let you program your machine at a glance. Set your time simulation block with target temperature and humidity, decide the percentage of illumination, put on it events like water jets. Save your cycles, log the results, be advised in caseof emergency. Tired to program yourself? Find in the new FDM Touch Screen many ready-to-use programs to run your tests according to the Standards. Do you need special programs? Can’t find your Standards of your country? Ask us to set it for you. FDM – Environment Makers