Water flooding system

Water flooding system

Flooding test chamber for EN 1367-1
This model (CB/S Series + SPS07 option) can provide/equip of a flooding and discharging water system.
It is composed by two vessels both in stainless steel:

Inner Vessel (volume 150 l):

Flooding chamber
The maximum water level controller stops the water charging, during the flooding time. Water charged and discharged are both done by the hole at the bottom right of the inner vessel.
The outer vessel is composed of two rooms, one is the water vessel, and the other is the technical room of the water vessel. In this last room is contained the water pump, the discharge electro valve and the water temperature thermostat. This thermostat is set to 23°C from the manufacturer. It controls the water temperature contained in the outer vessel by the regulation of a bar-heating.

Water tank for flooding test

This option is compatible with the following standard:

EN 1348
EN 12004
EN 1367-1

You can equip the water flooding system with this series


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