Insects are a very fascinating class of animals. Many species have been studied for decades to understand their complex social behavior and they may even become a large-scale food solution in the not-too-distant future.

However, they have a third reason of interest for scientists and it is genetic research that uses insect incubators and insect rearing chambers as an indispensable tool for carrying out important medical-scientific studies.

What is an insect incubator used for?


The insect incubator is used by researchers for the rearing of some species of small insects that are well suited to the study of the genome.

For example, Drosophila melanogaster flies - commonly known as fruit flies - are among the most commonly used species in insect breeding rooms because their genome is sufficiently similar to that of humans and can be sequenced and manipulated to discover the functions of each gene and each protein.

The breeding of insects in the growth chamber is therefore a solid alternative (preferred by many) to microbial or single-cell cultures.

Unlike cells, Drosophila melanogaster flies are organisms whose interactions with the physiological microenvironment can be studied as a result of alterations in the genetic code.

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How does an Insect Incubator Work?


The insect incubator is an isolated environment that can reproduce the ideal conditions for the life of various species of insects and therefore the ideal habitat for their breeding and study.

Each insect rearing chamber must have at least the following characteristics: temperature regulation, relative humidity regulation and a particular lighting system capable of simulating the perfect sun exposure that these species receive in their natural habitat.

This last feature is what distinguishes growth chambers from other climatic chambers and in fact they are often called "climatic chambers with lighting."

Inside the room, then, plexiglass structures are placed that will form the real habitat where the small insects will grow and live.


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The FDM Growth Chamber as an Insect Incubator


The FDM growth chambers are the ideal tools for rearing insects but also for microbial cultures, cells and plants.

For each of these purposes, we have also developed a particular lighting system that best meets the needs of the crop you want to grow. Those designed specifically for small insects are called BioLamps.

Regardless of the lighting system, in each FDM growth chamber it is possible to alter the temperature within a range of -10 ° C to + 55 ° C and the relative humidity from 10% up to 98%.

For special needs, we can further increase the range of the temperature and humidity controllers.

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