What is an Ultra Freezer

The term ultra-freezer comes from ULT, an acronym for Ultra Low Temperature.

The first distinction between an ultrafreezer and a common freezer is in fact the operating temperature, which ranges from -40° to -90°.

Temperature has to be kept constant and homogeneous, for a very long time.

However, this prerogative is not the cause, but the consequence of the fact that the ultra-freezer is a laboratory instrument meant for industrial and scientific research.


Upright and Chest ULT Freezers

An ultra-freezer comes with various volumes, but its configuration can be horizontal or vertical.

The choice for one or the other depends mainly on:

  • energy consumption
  • price
  • room available in the laboratory

The energy consumption of an ultrafreezer is a delicate point, as the instrument must be in operation 24 hours a day, every day, without losing temperature homogeneity at all.

Chest Ultra-freezers (also called well freezers) maintain temperature well, since they are opened from the top.

The cold cannot escape like in an upright freezer, when the door is opened: consequently, there is no need for too much energy to re-establish the optimal temperature (the so-called pull-down time).

However, for reasons of room, the horizontal freezer is more bulky than a vertical model, in addition to the difficulty of having to remove the internal shelves every time samples are released from the inside.

For this reason, it tends to be cheaper than its upright counterparts, and is in fact more used and recommended for industrial applications, than for purely scientific ones.


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When Do You Need an Ultrafreezer?

An ultra-freezer differs from commonly used freezers in one main feature: the application.

The main applications for an ULT freezer are:

  • biological (life sciences, bacteria and microorganisms)
  • pharmaceutical and chemicals (synthetic materials, enzymes, reagents)
  • medical (cells, DNA, bone material, plasma, viruses)
  • food (deep-sea fishing)

The main feature of an ultra-freezer is to be able to store samples, at low temperature and for a long time: for this reason, reference applications include particularly delicate samples.

In most cases, an ultra freezer is equipped with a "double" refrigeration system in which, in the event of a system failure, the other system maintains a stable temperature, in order to protect the samples inside.

Who needs an ULT freezer

Ultra freezers are the optimal solution for both scientific research and industry. 

We refer especially to:

  • hospitals
  • medical research institutes (genetics, prevention of diseases and epidemics)
  • microbiological research institutes
  • blood banks and transfusion centres
  • pharmaceutical research laboratories
  • chemical research laboratories
  • industrial research laboratories (e.g. food, textile materials)

FDM Ultra-freezers

FDM Ultra-low temperature freezers are the ideal solution for scientific research and industry, thanks to our 70 years of experience in the field of controlled refrigeration.

You can choose from a wide range of volumes, with both upright and chest configurations.

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