Climatic chambers are high-tech laboratory instruments that test the reaction of different product specimens to specific environmental conditions, like temperature and humidity.

Such parameters, amongst others, when required, are artificially reproduced by the equipment.

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CB-CS Series: Technical Details

Environmental Conditions


from -25°C up to +70°C


from 10% up to 98%



from 25 up to 2300 liters


Stability test performing controller


Dynamic performing programmer


Forced ventilation fan


1* Height-adjustable


High/Low temperature and humidity

Electric Power

220-240V ~ /50 Hz
different power available

1* The basic shelves, supplied with the standard configuration, can vary in quantity based on the model. Download technical specifications for further information


This is to be able to test the product so to give the green light to its marketing.

Among the many, you will certainly have heard, for example, of stability testing, accelerated aging testing, quality testing.

Using a climatic chamber is quite simple for a laboratory technician. He has to homogeneously arrange the samples inside and, with a few further steps, he will be able to activate the test.

What Can Be Tested With a Climate Chamber

The range of products to be tested is various, below are some of the most important application areas:

  • cosmetic and pharmaceutical
  • food
  • textile
  • military/aerospace
  • electronic components
  • Automotive
  • construction and building materials

For some categories, which require more strict and accurate parameters and also the reproduction of more "extreme" tests, we mostly refer to an environmental chamber.

FDM have been a leading company in temperature and humidity test chambers since 1949.

The CB-CS series is the standard FDM climate chamber category: you can select different temperature, humidity and volume parameters. You can also choose between a cyclic or a constant climatic chamber: the cyclic climate chamber was developed for programming different test cycles with different temperatures during the same test. The constant temperature and humidity test chamber was developed for operators who require a stable test environment for their products during the whole process.

Why a climatic chamber is essential for your laboratory

The climatic chamber is an extremely important laboratory tool also and above all because the various tests to be carried out are regulated by different standards, established by official research bodies.

It is not easy to define the price of a climatic chamber a priori, simply because there are several models and infinite possible customizations.

Each of them has an impact on the final cost.

If you need a quote and/or more information, contact us without obligation, or use Configurator Online to "design" yourself the suitable climate chamber for your needs.

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