FDM services

FDM Products are the best solution for environmental simulation tests. Although, an excellent product is not enough to maintain high quality performances of your laboratory: after sales service is also essential. With FDM services, you can choose among different options. We will take care of your equipment and keep your business safe.


With Qualification and Validation, we minimize the possibility of unforeseen events in the production and test processes, so to maintain the performance of the product unchanged over time.

Ask for the IQ/OQ when purchasing FDM equipment.

We will be happy to perform Qualification and Validation for you.


Qualification data combined with your own processes and standards
FDM know-how during Qualification and Validation
Processing by qualified and experienced specialists
Possibility of performing Qualification at your own site

Range of Services:

Inclusion of IQ/OQ, technical diagrams and QM in the Qualification documentation
Certification based on the ISO 9001 standard
Maintenance recommendations
IQ/OQ of the FDM software performed with the completed unit
IQ/OQ performed with or without lighting inside the unit

Calibration and Regulation

The FDM Calibration Service is performed according to factory standards guaranteed by certified measuring instruments.

We determine and document the deviations from the reference values reliably.

In case of identification of any non-conformities, we correct the unit, eliminating the determined difference between the actual and desired values.


Fast and reliable Calibration performed in our laboratories
Compliance with all international standards 
Processing by qualified and experienced specialists
Maximum performance guaranteed for the whole product life 

Range of Services:

Calibration certificate Qualification
Manufacturer inspection mark on the unit
Maintenance recommendations

Warranty Extension

Extend the warranty by an additional 12, 24 or 36 months, and have access to several benefits, including the totally free replacement of any spare part.

1 year

2 years

3 years


We can ship anywhere. Safe transportation is not an optional. For the perfect shipping, you will need a perfect packaging. Choose one of the following:

  • Standard
  • Safety+


The product is packed following all standard requirements, in order to provide full protection for road shipments inside EU borders.  


Solid protection without any wood compromise. Reinforced structure in order to provide extra EU shipping on ships and containers.