Build your own Environment

In FDM, we are specialized in manufacturing customized environmental chambers.

We have been providing for decades high-tech customized environmental chambers.

Since 1949, we have been simulating specific climatic conditions for your testing environment.

At FDM, we are proud to manufacture excellent equipment for laboratory testing and to provide the added value of professional technical support.

Being in the field for 70 years, we do know about the requirements of researchers, that need to create special environments for testing materials of all kinds. We strongly believe in the endless possibilities of customizing our equipment, to provide you with a real and unique value.

Our customized test chamber, as well as the other laboratory equipment we manufacture, has the highest standards of workmanship and flexibility, to match with every type of request. We work together with our customers, in order to create a final product that meets different testing requirements.

We develop customized environmental test chambers with volumes even smaller than 25 liters, up to over 3000 liters. You can simulate extreme temperature and humidity conditions with great accuracy.

It is also possible to recreate particular conditions of light for the cultivation of plants or insect germination. We implement our products with the best technology available, for a cutting-edge test.

Configure the ideal chamber for your laboratory, now!

Our experience allows us to create special environments

When it comes to finding a reliable customized chamber online, FDM is the ideal partner. Thanks to our innovative and strongly customer-oriented approach, we have developed an important know-how in the production of customized laboratory equipment.

Today we excel in the environmental design of test chambers, to meet any testing requirement.

We can customize your climatic chamber based on:

  • Temperaure range
  • Humidity Range
  • Internal testing volume
  • Specific illumination conditions
  • Specific mechanical requirements

If you are looking to customize a climatic chamber, you are in the right place. Our equipment with customized temperature and humidity is just what you need.

How to Proceed

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Set the Chamber

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Send the Configuration

Receive a feedback from the FDM team and start testing

Online Configurator

Start your configuration by inserting the parameters of the climatic chamber

If you are not sure about the values, or for any support request during the configuration, contact us