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"Focused on the present" and "looking to the future"

The history of FDM began in the 1950s, initially as a manufacturer of refrigerated display cabinets and display cases and later as a specialised service centre, a reference point for all scientific laboratories equipped with refrigeration equipment, which was widespread in Rome in those years.

The second generation seized the opportunity to go from being a specialised repairer to a manufacturer of climatic chambers and refrigeration systems.

Finally, the third generation started the creation of a real brand, taking the distribution of FDM products worldwide.

The challenge is only just beginning.

The future of FDM is full of opportunities and well-integrated into an ever-changing market system with increasingly specific demands.

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We help you control your "environment"

Being in charge of a scientific laboratory, whether it is linked to a public organisation or a private company, always requires a number of indispensable references when it comes to the choice of technological equipment: adequate solution, quality, resistance, precision of performance and rapid problem-solving.

The products and services provided by FDM encompass all these pluses, with added value: Do you have a specific need? We are able to provide the right answer through the appropriate technical or technological solution.

FDM Today

Two key benefits: products designed to meet your needs and a highly efficient online service.

The Latin motto "all roads lead to Rome" perfectly suits FDM.

Rome is the capital of Italy, and the products supplied by FDM are designed, engineered and manufactured in Italy, in FDM's Rome production plant.

Technical assistance is coordinated from Italy, and it is the same engineers who design the products who ensure remote assistance; a very effective hotline that is highly appreciated worldwide. This benefit makes it possible to fully satisfy our customers, even the most distant ones, who decide to buy our products also for this reason.

However, it is not uncommon for the solution required by end-users to be satisfied more simply by purchasing one of our standard products; in these cases, the quality of the product and the "human dimension" of FDM help the customer in his choice.

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Stefania C.

Initially we didn't know about FDM, but prices were really competitive. Looking at the products on the site, however, we realized that there was also great quality and the company have been working in the field for a long time. It's been years and we have several refrigerators and climatic chambers. In all this time there has been no need for technical interventions.

Francesco R.

We wanted to expand our services by performing accelerated aging tests. We have discovered FDM. The staff guided us and provided all information to get the right equipment for our requirements. Today we can provide an extra service so we are able to expand our customer base.

Simone A.

I am a PhD in medical physics and work in Research & Development of Tissue Mimicking Materials for Quality Control in Ultrasound.

The work involves the production of Hydrogels, which are "crosslinked" through a series of freezing and thawing cycles.

Since the properties of the hydrogel depend on the freezing/thawing temperature and on how long they are maintained at the set temperature, the FDM climatic chamber was the perfect choice for my testing requirements.

I currently work with a T370BXPRO, 310lt, with 10P /50S plus programmer. The chamber is easy to program and at the time of purchase I was advised to add an "output" to collect real time data on a USB pen drive.

I chose to add the additional USB function and it turned out to be very appropriate. The data is saved real time in an Excel file inside the USB pen. At any time it is possible to unplug the USB pen, open the Excel file and analyze all the data collected. This is very useful if you do research, to carry out the internal Quality Control in the Company on the production chain.

I took full responsibility for the choice. I chose the device and chose the company from which to buy it. Italian company, despite living and working in the UK. I asked for technical information before buying and the Customer Service was very precise, efficient and reliable.

I have been using the climatic chamber for about 1 year, I had only a small initial problem on the software (the peak temperature went up 1 or 2 degrees more than the programmed one), but the Customer Service was readily available to solve it. The software programming manager connected remotely on my laptop and reprogrammed the chamber. From that moment on, it worked without any problem.

The elements that convinced me were certainly the structure of the website, the clear presence of all the information (technical sheets, products, etc.), the price, the certificates indicated on the site (ISO 9001: 2015, ISO 13485: 2012 and above all 93/42 / CEE), the efficiency of the Customer Service.

Today I can manage the freezing and thawing cycles of my material. I can schedule the freezing and thawing rate (°C/min), I can easily collect and analyze the data. This allows me to do R&D of new "recipes" and materials.

woman working at lab
Sabrina N.

We needed a Thermostatic Chamber immediately, we had a faulty one and a very important test was underway. FDM has been our supplier for other equipment for several years now, so we went with our eyes closed and relied on them. We were very satisfied with FDM's readiness and quick shipment despite the very little time anticipated. Our department is now safe with the new room.

Susanna P.

Our research team needed to study and analyze certain behaviors of the Arabidopsis plant to climate change. It was essential to find a growth chamber of a size that could fit with the growth of the plant. The search for the ideal equipment was quite focused, even thanks to the advice of colleagues, given that the quality and offer received matched with our requirements. Certainly superior to the proposals of the competitors. We are succeeding very well in our research goal, thanks to the precise control of these chambers and the suitable dimensions.

Alice Rossini

I was very satisfied with my company's purchase of the Climatic Chamber, thanks to its ability to create precisely controlled temperature and humidity conditions. Its use was extremely easy, thanks to clear instructions and an intuitive display.

Once we started using the Climatic Chamber, we noticed a significant improvement in the reproducibility of our samples, which translated into greater reliability of our results. Furthermore, the Climatic Chamber is able to maintain constant internal conditions, even in the presence of external environmental variations, which means we don't have to worry about unexpected interruptions to our work due to changing environmental conditions.

What I liked most about this product was its ease of use and durability. I was particularly impressed by its precision and flexibility, which allowed us to study the effect of different environmental conditions on our samples, opening up new avenues for research and development.

Overall, I highly recommend the Climatic Chamber to other industry professionals looking for a reliable and easy-to-use device for the reproducible conditioning of samples. The Climatic Chamber has allowed us to solve our reproducibility problems and open up new research perspectives thanks to its flexibility and precision.

Gabriele Corsi

The Environmental Chamber has proven to be a reliable and easy-to-use product, with an appropriate price and a sleek design. Its use for stress testing electronic devices and measuring sensors at controlled temperatures has been perfect.

Initially, I had identified some areas for improvement, such as the noise level of the product and the lack of a remote data logging function. However, the customer support was very responsive and explained that the noise is part of the normal operation of the product and that the data logging function can be added with the wifi module, which I had not requested at the time of ordering.

Overall, I was very satisfied with the Environmental Chamber, thanks to its reliability, ease of use, and appropriate price. Although there are some areas where it could be improved, the customer support has proven to be very competent and available to resolve the issue encountered.


I haven't had the opportunity to use the Climatic Chamber, as the product was resold to one of my clients in the Netherlands, who claims to have been extremely satisfied with the purchase. Currently, our client has not made any complaints and has expressed great happiness with the purchase.

The design of the chamber is very attractive and functional, while the operation of the product was very easy and intuitive. We did not encounter any problems during the use of the product.

Overall, the device was a winning choice. Through FDM, we were able to create the ideal chamber for the customer with features of reproducible and reliable conditioning. We were very satisfied with the product and highly recommend turning to FDM for their professionalism in the field of environmental and conditioned chambers.

Zoe Woer

I had the opportunity to use the Thermostatic Chamber for our temperature tests and I must say that the product proved to be up to our needs. In particular, we carried out tests with probes at different temperatures, ranging from -10°C up to 43°C.

Programming the Stillface controller of the Thermostatic Chamber was quite easy, although not very convenient. However, once programmed correctly, the Thermostatic Chamber proved to be reliable and offer precise results.

Furthermore, we appreciated the design of the Thermostatic Chamber, which proved to be attractive and functional.


I used the Climatic Chamber for my high-tension artificial muscle behavior tests under different environmental conditions. I must say that the product lived up to my expectations.

In particular, I appreciated the precision of the control of the Climatic Chamber, which allowed me to perform tests with precision and reliability. Additionally, I greatly appreciated the ability to access the Climatic Chamber remotely and receive remote assistance, which greatly simplified the management and configuration of the product.

However, I must point out some aspects that could be improved. In particular, I found the layout of the buttons and settings of the Climatic Chamber to be not very intuitive, requiring some practice to be used effectively.

Overall, I recommend the FDM Climatic Chamber, thanks to its reliability and precision in controlling environmental conditions. However, it would be appropriate to improve the usability of the product by making the layout of the buttons and settings of the Climatic Chamber more intuitive.

In any case, the technical support received was very helpful and knowledgeable, offering assistance both for product configuration and for remote use, which greatly simplified the testing and analysis process of the results.

Laboratorio prove

I had the opportunity to use the Thermostatic Chamber to temper our products before subsequent processing, and I must say that the product lived up to our expectations.

In particular, we greatly appreciated the even distribution of temperature inside the Thermostatic Chamber, which allowed us to obtain consistent and reliable results.

However, we encountered some issues with the stillface controller of the Thermostatic Chamber, which was not very intuitive to use and required some practice to be effectively managed.

We must highlight that the technical support received was excellent, proving to be available and competent in providing assistance for the configuration and use of the Thermostatic Chamber.

In summary, the Thermostatic Chamber proved to be a reliable and high-quality product, able to meet our needs for uniform temperature.

Gabriele Pellegrini

We purchased the Climatic Chamber to replace an outdated and less performing one, and I must say that the product has lived up to our expectations.

In particular, we appreciated the silence of the Climatic Chamber, which ensured a quiet and comfortable working environment. Additionally, the Climatic Chamber proved to be very easy to use, thanks to its simplicity of operation.

But what impressed us the most was the stability of the set parameters, which ensured reliable and precise results in our tests.

Additionally, I would like to emphasize the professionalism of the technical support team, which proved to be helpful and knowledgeable in assisting our company during the configuration and use phase of the Climatic Chamber.

In summary, the Climatic Chamber has been an excellent choice for our company and I recommend it to anyone who needs a reliable and high-performing product for their environmental tests.