Giuseppe Della Marca FDM


FDM’s mission is to help build the best environment condition for scientific research and laboratory testing. We want to improve efficiency and result of our customer, offering the best technology and our experience. Passion, technology and customization are described by our logo, a combination of rhombuses, like ice diamonds. The superior value of a long lasting solution for controlling your environment.

Our motto is “Environment Makers”. It highlights our strongest ability combined with the modern “Makers” way of thinking: literally project, design and make a customized environment for you.

Ecology FDM


FDM is a family company dedicated to simulation chamber and temperature control. Founded in the 50’s by Giuseppe Della Marca, the company soon became an example of proven cutting-edge technologies and pioneering innovations.

Nowadays, our quality products and maintenance services help you dominate thermostatic and refrigeration controlled systems in scientific, bio-medical, industry and research fields. We keep improving; differentiate ourselves from others through continuous innovation, through our R&D departments. The customer is our leader.We care listening to your real and concrete requirements, giving you the state-of-the-art solutions.

FDM is emerging in the European market for its capacity to adapt and the possibility to
design and produce customized solution upon your specifications, with the passion of ever.


We take into account ecology and sustainable environmental protection. For this reason FDM uses material combinations that can be separated to enable recycling.

We consciously choose synthetic materials made of recycled resin in our manufacturing process without any compromise in quality.