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Among the atmospheric factors that cause materials to deteriorate, most people could mention precipitation, humidity and extreme temperatures.

It is less well known, but the sun must also be included as a crucial factor.

The simple exposure to sunlight, called solar radiation, causes ageing for a whole series of materials that we use in everyday life.

Fortunately, modern climatic chambers are able to simulate this circumstance too, thanks to xenon lamps.

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What are Xenon Lamps?

Technically, xenon lamps belong to the arc lamps class and use xenon gas as fuel, capable of producing very intense light.

Invented in the mid-twentieth century, they have found uses as projectors in cinema, as flashes in photography, as well as automotive headlights.


Since the quality of the light emitted is very similar to the spectrum of the solar one, nowadays they are implemented in climatic chambers to simulate the effect of solar radiation on various types of materials.

Which materials are tested in the Climatic Chamber with Xenon Arc Lamp System?

Countless everyday products are constantly exposed to sunlight and potentially any material can benefit from a test in a climatic chamber with xenon arc lamps that guarantee its resistance to the effects of solar radiation. Think about the ease with which varnished fabrics, leathers, rubbers, plastics and metals discolour.

However, the trade that more than any other needs this type of test is the automotive sector, which must certify the resistance to sun exposure of both internal and external components.

The procedures to be followed, regulated at the international level, are indicated in ISO 11341 of 2004 and in ASTM G155. For the automotive sector, there are specific standards reported for example in SAE J 2527 of 2017.

How does a climate chamber with Xenon Arc Lamps System work?

The effects of solar radiation on materials are measured in the order of months if not years because most of the damage occurs during the summer season and in the hours when the sun is at its zenith.

In the climatic chamber with xenon arc lamps system, it is possible to simulate these long-lasting exposures over days or weeks. Thanks to complementary tools, we can also adjust the temperature and humidity of the environment, to accurately recreate the conditions to which our product will be exposed.

With the help of Window Glass Filters, our simulation will be able to take into account all the factors that intervene in real situations, such as the effects of the windshield that partially protect the interior of a car.

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The FDM Climatic Chamber with Xenon Arc Lamps System


FDM climatic chambers can be equipped with a xenon arc lamps system. Compared to simple growth chambers, they have a wider range that goes from 0 to 80°, thanks to an enhanced refrigeration system, to meet the test specifications required by the regulations in force.

The standard FDM environmental chamber is supported by the following accessories, which all together make up the configuration of the FDM environmental chamber with xenon arc lamps system:

  • Air temperature sensor
  • Relative humidity sensor
  • Black standard thermometer or black panel thermometer
  • Xenon arc lamps
  • Sunlight filter
  • Window glass filter

The xenon lighting of these rooms is set on a single level and occurs horizontally.


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