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Climate chambers reproduce extreme environmental conditions to test the response of different types of materials. For example, high temperatures, non-standard pressure and humidity conditions combined with the saturation of gases such as acetaldehyde with oxygen, in the event of a spark, can provoke an explosion.

By purchasing our climatic chamber with ATEX certification for explosion-proof cabinets you will never run risks of this kind. Thanks to its construction criteria and the excellence of the materials, our climatic chambers will disperse any accumulation of static energy and avoid the development of a spark.

The ATEX certification for explosion-proof cabinets guarantees the safety of our products, in line with European legislation.

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What is ATEX certification for explosion-proof cabinets?

Any activity which, due to the materials and processes involved, risks the production of potentially explosive atmospheres, is subject to the regulation of European legislation. The tests on the materials carried out inside a climatic chamber fall into this case.

The legislation that regulates them at European level is called ATEX.

ATEX derives from the contraction of two French words, ATmosphères and EXplosibles, and refers to the European Union directive 94/9 / EC for the regulation of equipment and protection systems intended for use in hazardous areas with a potentially explosive atmosphere.

Like most of the regulations relating to explosion protection, the directive distinguishes the risk according to the nature of the material and according to its ignition temperature.

Directive 2014/34 / EU which entered into force on March 30, 2014, repealed Directive 94/9 / EC and extended the obligation of ATEX certification to all products, with the exception of some specific equipment, such as medical ones, those for domestic use or means of transport.

What does an ATEX certified climatic chamber do for explosion-proof cabinets?


The climatic chamber with ATEX certification meets all the requirements that an explosion-proof cabinet must have, i.e. a closed environment occasionally exposed to the accumulation of potentially explosive gases.

Specifically, the ones belonging to the T4 category, acetaldehyde and TIOF, which, due to being constructed in such a way as to avoid any type of ignition, are classified as "explosion-proof".

For the details of the legislation, you can check the Atex Directive in the Official Journal of the European Union.

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FDM Climate Chambers with ATEX Certification


Our standard climatic chamber is equipped with ATEX certification, in accordance with the procedures it carries out. Although subject to the risk of explosion for a limited period of time, during the test; all its components are built in such a way as to avoid the accumulation of static energy and prevent the production of sparks of all kinds.

You can refer to the following codes, in order to have a more technical overview on the type of chamber that FDM can offer:

Ex II 3G, EEx nA II T4

II = Installation of the machine in surface (no mines).

3 = Level of Protection: Normal  Presence of explosive atmosphere: limited possibility and for a short time (only accidentally).

G = Gas

nA = type of protection, in this case it is sparking free. It means that all components inside the chamber will be sparking free and that all the components will be earthed to avoid static current. In this way will be avoided the possibility of an ignition. This is true only for the test volume.

T4 = it is the maximum surface temperature.

The ATEX-certified climatic chamber is a step forward in the safety of all types of tests and a mandatory requirement for compliance with European standards.

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