A growth chamber is a climatic chamber specifically designed for plants, seeds and small living organisms such as insects and bacteria.

Unlike standard climatic chambers, it allows to control, in addition to temperature and humidity, also lighting.

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LCB-LCS Series: Technical Details

Environmental Conditions


Lights ON = -5°C...+55°C
Lights OFF = -10°C...+55°C


Lights ON = 0°C...+55°C
Lights OFF = -10°C...+55°C


Dimmable illumination with optional lamps



from 25 up to 2300 liters

Horizontal Lighting

Fluorescent or led lamps installed on internal shelves?

Vertical Lighting

Fluorescent or led lamps installed on side walls?


Stability test performing controller


Dynamic performing programmer


Forced ventilation fan


Sunlight Simulation


Accelerated Plant Growing


Insect and Bacteria Incubation


Arabidopsis Accelerated Growing


Photostability Test


High/Low temperature and humidity

Electric Power

220-240V ~ /50 Hz
different power available


How does a Growth Chamber work

Light and temperature control has always been associated with growth.

Among the various reasons why a growth chamber is a primary tool for scientific research, there is certainly reproducibility. This means being able to perform an experiment, in order to confirm or deny its outcome.

This possibility is allowed by the uniformity of the parameters during the test and by the absence of unforeseen circumstances that would be common in a real environmental situation.

In fact, a plant growth chamber or an insect growth chamber reproduces natural conditions without unpredictability, with lighting, temperature and homogeneous humidity, according to different test requirements.

Examples of use

Its features make the growth chamber an essential tool for agricultural and chemical research, and generally for scientific purposes.

A plant growth chamber is in fact used for plant diseases research, thus it contributes to the R&D of more resistant food crops and seeds.

An insect growth chamber incubator for insects recreates the natural habitat of an living organism, in order to study its behavior and characteristics.

FDM Growth Chambers

FDM has been a leading plant growth chamber manufacturer since 1949. FDM manufactures climatic growth chambers for photostability testing of all types, both standard and customized, for the laboratories of companies, universities and institutes. These growth chambers create a controlled environment for your testing needs.

Based on the type of light intensity, hence on the specific area of application, there are four different types of FDM growth chambers from the LCB-LCS series:

  • Daylamp - which reproduces full spectrum sunlight;
  • Biolamp - selected spectrum, specific for insect growth;
  • Fluolamp - towards the yellow area of the spectrum, specific for plants;
  • Arablamp- for Arabidopsis, a particular type of plant.

The different models from the LFC series differ from one another for different sizes and capacities, according to different quantities of Photon Photosynthetic Flux (PPF) density.

The FDM growth chambers lighting is enabled thanks to fluorescent lamps that optimize the photobiological processes of plants and organisms, by emphasizing the lamps in the blue and red range.

The FDM lamps can be Neon, Led or UV rays lamps: these latter are very common in the requirements of laboratories and research institutes.

All models are ICH Compliant and follow the required directives. In particular, the Photostability testing of new active substances and medicines, also known as Q1B ICH guidelines.

Find your resting chamber, by comparing specifications in the technical data file or configure it online with your own requirements.

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