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Frequently Asked Questions

What is FDM?

FDM is an Italian company manufacturing equipment for environmental climatic simulation and control. Founded in the '50s by Giuseppe Della Marca, the company is now synonym with cutting-edge technologies and pioneering innovations for refrigeration. Read more

What does FDM mean?

FDM means "Fratelli Della Marca". We have started in 1949 as a family company and throughout the years we have become leaders for environmental refrigeration, also and mostly for customized solutions. We are today known around the globe through the acronym FDM.

What is your Core Business?

FDM is mostly focused on manufacturing and distributing climatic chambers and ultra-low freezers, both standard and custom.

What is a Climatic Chamber?

A climatic chamber is high-tech lab equipment, developed to perform environmental testing on any type of material. This machine allows simulating environments with controlled temperature, humidity, illumination and other variables.

What is your Mission?

Our Mission is to create the best environmental conditions for scientific research and laboratory testing. The main goal is reaching the perfect efficiency and the most reliable result for our customer. Read more

What does "Environment Makers" mean?

Our motto defines us as specialized "Environment Makers"

We have combined the term "Environment", that identifies the test environment, and "Makers", that identifies our know-how in providing customized test equipment.

Who are our Customers?

Our customers are both distributors of environmental testing equipment, and final users such as researchers in universities and institutes, quality executives and laboratory technicians in industries.

How much does a FDM Climatic Chamber cost?

Costs vary according to different configurations. Contact Us and a FDM team member will help you find a suitable solution for your specifications in a bit!

Where can I find the datasheets of your products?

FDM datasheets can be downloaded in each relative product page, and are highlighted by the icon

Do you operate in my country?

We probably do. Contact us and we will forward your request to your nearest FDM partner.

Where do you manufacture your products?

Our Products are 100% designed and manufactured in Italy, assembled with the best components available on the market in our plants in Rome.

I have a specific requirement that I do not find in any product on your website. Can you help me?

Of course we can. Contact us and we will work together on your customized product

Where do I find quality certificates of your products?

All our product and company certificates are available here.

What is the warranty of a FDM product?

Standard warranty is 12 months. We provide the possibility of extending it up to 36 months. Contact us and extend your warranty.

What kind of shipping and packaging do you provide?

We can ship anywhere. Safe transportation is not an optional. For the perfect shipping, you will need a perfect packaging. Choose one of the following:

  • Standard: The product is packed following all standard requirements, in order to provide full protection for road shipments inside EU borders. 
  • Safety+: Solid protection without any wood compromise. Reinforced structure in order to provide extra EU shipping on ships and containers.

Contact us for further information.

Can I receive IQ/OQ Validation Certificate together with the purchased product?

Of course! With the Qualification and Validation we minimize the possibility of unforeseen events in the production and test processes so to maintain the performance of the product unchanged over time.

Ask for the IQ/OQ when purchasing FDM equipment.

Can I receive the Calibration certificate for the purchased product?

Of course! The FDM calibration service is carried out according to factory standards guaranteed by certified measuring instruments. You can request it at the time of purchase, or later with the intervention of a qualified FDM technician.

Contact us for further information.

How can I have Technical Support for my FDM product?

You can request technical support anytime via online ticket, phone or email.

Request Technical Support

Where can I receive further information about the FDM privacy policy?

All detailed information about FDM privacy policy are available here.

Where are your plants?

Our company is in Rome, Italy, in the emerging Pigneto area.

Viale Arcangelo Ghisleri 40/42 00176 Rome