An environmental chamber, or an environmental simulation chamber, is a specific type of climatic chamber that can manage temperature and humidity control in wider and more varied conditions than standard ones. The environmental chamber is in fact particularly suitable for the following areas of application: automotive, military, aerospace, metallurgy, electronic components.

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40C180V Series: Technical Details

Environmental Conditions


from -40°C up to +180°C


from 10% up to 98%


Dimmable illumination with optional lamps



From 25 up to 900 liters


Stability test performing controller


Dynamic performing programmer


Included and variable in quantity according to the model


Forced ventilation fan


High/Low temperature and humidity

Electric Power

220-240V ~ /50 Hz
different power available


The temperature range starts from down to -40° (in some cases from down to -70°) to a positive value of up to +180°.
The environmental chamber was developed to reproduce extreme test conditions.

FDM Environmental Simulation Chambers

FDM environmental chambers guarantee a better uniformity of the parameters during the test, compared to a standard chamber, thanks to the advanced ventilation system with which they are equipped.

As for the volume, FDM can offer unique dimensions, in order to facilitate the testing of different kinds of specimens. We start from down to 25 liters capacity (small environmental test chamber) to meet both the growing requirement for portable environmental chambers in laboratories, and the use, in some areas of application, of very small components to be tested.

Similarly to our climatic chambers, also FDM environmental chambers can be managed by a touch screen controller (revoFACE).

The revoFACE is in fact suitable for dynamic tests, since it enables programming a cycling test.

Set your test directly through the touch screen controller and press the start button. An automatic regulator will perform all required temperature and humidity testing cycles:

  • concrete testing
  • electronic component testing
  • accelerated aging testing

On completion, you can download all data via USB pen drive.

FDM environmental simulation chambers are equipped with a thermo-glazed door with quadruple tempered glass, to provide an internal view of the whole chamber, without penalizing test performances.

The internal structure is 100% stainless steel. Every model from the series is also equipped with reinforced shelves.

In order to facilitate the access of the cables inside the chamber, we have included, as standard, the silicone plug cable connection.

The water tank is installed under the chamber and is easy to access. Optionally, to connect the chamber directly to the water source, FDM provides a mains kit.

The performances of the humidification system is extremely accurate, thanks to the ultrasound structure.

To facilitate the cleaning of both the condenser and the air filter, we have designed a unique and innovative process. The electrical compartment was in fact positioned on the side of the chamber, in order to allow easy access.

For a laboratory technician, these features mean:

  1. low maintenance
  2. low water consumption
  3. low energy consumption

But what if all the above-mentioned elements did not meet your testing requirements?

Nothing to worry about, FDM can provide a complete custom environmental chamber. Forward your specifications and we will design a machine right according to them.

FDM Environmental Simulation Chamber - Environmental Simulation Chamber Series:

Here are the main models of environmental simulation chambers from FDM. Each of them comes with specific features and is developed to meet our customers’ needs. Let us could be your official environmental chamber manufacturer and supplier:

Cycling Climatic Chamber
Create the ideal environment programming temperature and humidity cycles

Constant Climate Chamber
The best constant test simulation with advanced stability management

Growth chamber or Illumination Chamber
Light simulation with humidity and lighting in the same chamber.

Material Testing Chamber
The simulation solution for each specific standard is here. Provide us with your reference standard and we will design the suitable environment for your specimens.

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