A temperature chamber is a laboratory instrument for testing materials in a temperature-controlled environment.

in fact, which is a temperature and humidity chamber, the temperature chamber exclusively manages the first parameter. This is why normally the price of a temperature chamber is lower than a standard climatic one.

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TB-TS Series: Technical Specifications

Environmental Conditions


from -25°C up to +70°C



from 25 up to 2300 liters


Stability test performing controller


Dynamic performing programmer


Included and variable in quantity according to the model


Forced ventilation fan


High/Low temperature and humidity

Electric Power

220-240V ~ /50 Hz
different power available


The thermal shock test is essential in order to be able to put a new product on the market. Temperature chambers are the most suitable equipment to carry the test out.

Thermal tests are performed in order to determine the quality, reliability and resistance of different specimens to real environmental conditions they may have to deal with during their life cycle.

Cycling Test Chambers

The temperature cycling chamber programs a succession of sudden temperature shocks, according to the defined test requirements.

These rapid-cycle thermal cycling test chambers, allow laboratory technicians to study the impacts of these temperature shocks on different materials, by verifying the possible presence of faults, deformations and anomalies, according to the type of product under examination.

Temperature Stability Chamber

For climatic stability tests, we refer instead to a constant temperature chamber.
This instrument tests their durability, strength and performances, simulating the exposure to extremely high or low temperatures, but stable for a certain period of time.

FDM thermal test chambers

FDM temperature chambers are the most reliable solution for your laboratory tests.

Depending on the type of test, cyclic or constant, we can differentiate the type of controller, named revoFACE or stillFACE. Tests are extremely fast, even those with a thermal cycle. Once the various sequences have been set, in fact, the chamber will complete the test independently.

The main areas of application are:

  • consumer goods
  • electronics
  • civil and military components
  • telecommunications
  • aerospace components

Contact FDM for a quote or use our online configurator and create your own temperature-controlled test chamber.

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