The stoves and laboratory ovens are tools purely developed for uses that have nothing to do with their corresponding high consumption versions

Specifically these instruments provide a more uniform, broad and precise temperature control

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For any question or support request, please contact us.

For any questions or support request, please contact us.

O-FV/NV Series: Technical Specifications

Main Features


from 200°C to 350°C



From 20 to 420 litres


Controller for high accuracy


Included and variable in quantity according to the model


Static or Forced


Temperature rise over set point

Electric Power

230V ~ /50 Hz
More available versions


Laboratory Oven Uses

Uses of hot air ovens in the laboratory are several: heating and drying ovens are among the most requested ones. The drying oven temperature range can reach temperatures up to 350°.

Among the most common uses of a laboratory stove, oven or dryer, we can include:

  • heating 
  • essiccation 
  • drying 
  • annealing 
  • thermal tests 
  • more specific laboratory activities. 

Examples of use - FDM ovens


Laboratory stoves and ovens help scientific research in many applications. For example, a medical oven is a top-seller in this product category. Main areas are:

  • medical 
  • construction 
  • food 
  • chemical 
  • transportation 
  • ceramic 


Their function in education is also very important, for schools and university research.

FDM ovens are robust and precise, made with the best components on the market, to guarantee a well-built product with excellent performance, for a test that is always reliable.

We distinguish two product categories: static or with ventilation. The latter can be both adjustable and constant, according to different requirements.

The boosted air flow allows a homogeneous temperature distribution, essential for professional products of this type.

The coating is in steel, galvanized and stainless steel or 100% stainless steel, for a long-lasting equipment.

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