Custom lab equipment and chambers online by FDM

After Spending more than six long and productive decades in testing environment, we at FDM are proficient enough to deliver customised solutions.Recently, through our custom laboratory equipment, we are providing products such as Ultra Freezers, Blast freezers and Climate chambers. We also deliver the standardised and tested products to enable you in having the most comfortable testing experience in your laboratory. In order to facilitate the scientists and professionals operating experiments in the laboratories- we have come up with the customized testing equipment online in Italy.As far as Ultra Freezers are concerned, FDM Special machines providers are capable of making our Ultra Freezer as per your requirements in terms of the Maximum temperature, Vacuum Range Variation, and sizes.Blast Freezer is also an active product by FDM where a product can be frozen in a fast speed environment within a justifiable amount of time. At FDM, we have the ability to custom set the temperature adjustments while making changes in mechanical functions.We deliver complete flexibility whenever a customer requires a new product which is not part of our inventory. We happily take such requests and work hand in hand with our clients were we keep them involve them throughout every stage of planning, scheming and implementation.And also, subscribe to
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Climate Chamber

Program temperature and humidity cycles with the new environmental chamber


Growth Chamber

The perfect light distribution with the right led type for the right specimens. This is your choice for bacteria, plants […]


Material Test Chamber

If your material samples testing need extra effort, we provide you with our special Climate Chambers.


Ultra Freezer

Stop the age of your samples with an ultra-low temperature storage. Minimum Temperatures: -45°C | -86°C.


Plasma Freezer

Special racks for plasma and blood samples storage, all protected by certified refrigerators.


Customized Solution

Special solutions upon your specifications. Whether you need special mechanic, vibration or Temperature/Humidity projects we follow you in every phase […]