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Manufacturing Climatic Environments since 1949

FDM Climatic Chambers


The Climatic Chamber

is a laboratory equipment that simulates and enables managing real environmental conditions, such as temperature and humidity.

This instrumentation is made of high-tech sensors and controllers.

Volumes can be of different sizes, starting from 140 litres up to 2300 litres.

The temperature range starts from -25°C up to a positive value of +80°C.

Humidity can be set up to a maximum value of 98%, according to the chosen default temperature.

The Environmental Chamber,

is a climatic chamber developed to perform "extreme" climatic testing.

Infatti il temperature range starts from -70°C fino ad arrivare a +180°C: si ricreano quindi condizioni ambientali più complesse rispetto ad una camera standard.

Volumes start from 25 liters, for easier transportation, up to a maximum of 1500 liters.

Its main areas of application are: defence, aerospace, automotive, electronics.

Such as standard climatic chambers, humidity can be set up to a maximum value of 98%, according to the chosen default temperature.




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FDM Climatic Chambers are suitable for any application


Perform Climatic Tests up to over 2030

-65% Emissions

From January, 1st 2019 all our products are provided with
new refrigerant gas, compliant with the most recent European Regulations

The FDM Customized Products

It is quite common, to have, in all fields of application, requirements that are not met from standard products available on the market.

In FDM, according to our 60 years experience, we know that very well. This is why we have decided to invest resources in the R&D of customized climatic environments, based on specific requirements coming from our customers.

We will design together your customized testing environment, by selecting different parameters: temperature range, volume, humidity, different illumination conditions and mechanical requirements.

The final result will be a unique solution, exclusive for your environmental testing.

Contact us the way you prefer it or generate an automatic request by using our Online Climatic Chamber Configurator.

Examples of FDM Custom Products

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