Environmental tests are essential in many production sectors, both in the research & development phase and in the testing phase.

Products and materials must undergo a rigorous testing phase, regulated by international standards such as ISO, and environmental ones constitute a good part of this procedure.

Environmental test chambers are laboratory instruments in which various environmental parameters can be altered in an isolated environment to test how products and materials react.

There are various types of environmental test chambers, in today's article we will see the functionality of the 4 fundamental types.

Climate Stress

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The Climate Chamber


The antonomasia of environmental test chambers which are in fact often simply called "climate chambers".

We can say “Master of none, Jack of all trades”: among the environmental test chambers, the climatic chamber does not specialize in anything in particular but performs the majority of climate tests on products and materials.

In the climatic chamber, in fact, it is possible to alter the two fundamental parameters of environmental tests at will: temperature and relative humidity.

With a temperature range from -25°C to +70°C and a maximum relative humidity close to saturation (98%), the climatic chamber is the ideal laboratory instrument for those who need flexibility and efficiency, without details.

The Thermostatic Chamber


For those who only need a very precise type of test, there is the thermostatic chamber.

As the name suggests, the thermostatic chamber specializes in temperature tests and does not have relative humidity control.

This is the least flexible type of environmental test chamber and this is reflected in the price, which is the lowest of all.

If you only need to carry out temperature tests (which are many anyway), the thermostatic chamber has the same range as standard climatic chambers and could be the product for you.

Extreme Testing

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The Environmental Chamber


On the other hand, the Environmental Chamber is the MVP of environmental test chambers, to give a sports example.

The environmental chambers are specialized in so-called "extreme climate tests": tests that require reaching extreme levels, both negative and positive, of temperature and relative humidity.

They are fundamental in sectors such as electronics, in burn-in tests that aim to cause a thermal shock on electronic boards to unmask any design defects.

To serve the purpose, these cameras range from -70° up to 180°.

Illumination Chamber

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The Illumination Chamber


Mainly used for the growth of plants and bacterial cultures - and therefore also called a growth chamber - the illumination chamber is characterized by various types of lighting systems that simulate the effect of sunlight.

In the category of illumination chambers, however, we include all those environmental test chambers that implement lighting systems and can therefore be used in all tests on products and materials that must take the solar factor into account.

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