We all know refrigerators, an invention that has revolutionized everyone's lives for over a century. We are so used to seeing them in the kitchen every day that we don't suspect how many professional applications they have and how many types of refrigerators exist.

Today we're talking about a particular type, which you may have glimpsed in bars, restaurants or hospitals: Pass Thru Refrigerators.

What are Pass Thru Refrigerators?


Most refrigerators, including those we have in our kitchens, open only on one side.

Pass-through refrigerators, on the other hand, are defined as all those models of refrigerators that have openings on both sides, allowing objects to be stored and removed from both sides.

Although it may seem superfluous for the daily use of our refrigerators, this simple change in design proves decisive in many contexts, such as catering, scientific research and healthcare.

Let's see why.

Advantages of Pass-through Refrigerators


Walk-through refrigerators are frequently used in restaurants, hospitals and research institutions. In these contexts, pass-through refrigerators bring numerous advantages which we see schematically.


  • Practicality: whether it is a restaurant or a laboratory, the refrigerator is used frequently and by many operators. Having access from both sides allows goods to enter and exit smoothly.


  • Organization: Whether it's biological samples or bottles of wine, walk-through refrigerators allow for precise and effective organization of objects. There is no need to empty the entire compartment to reach an object placed at the bottom: just open from the other side!


  • Operational effectiveness: you will be surprised to discover how much the temperature of a refrigerator drops after repeated openings. Furthermore, in professional contexts, refrigerators with a single door remain open for precious seconds because the loading and unloading of goods occurs only on one side. Pass-through refrigerators significantly solve the problem of temperature drop, maximizing the number of openings required.


  • Energy saving: as a direct consequence of the previous point, Pass thru refrigerators lead to considerable energy savings as they reduce the dispersion of cold air.


Disadvantages of Pass Thru Refrigerators


Why, you might say, don't we all use pass thru refrigerators then?

Well, because there are also disadvantages; essentially there are two but not negligible.


  • Placement: Most of us place the refrigerator in a corner of the kitchen. This is not possible for walk-through refrigerators for obvious reasons: how do we open it from the other side? The presence of a pass thru refrigerator completely redesigns the space of a room and a large context built around its presence is necessary to make sensible use of it.


  • Price: like many laboratory refrigerators, walk-through refrigerators are professional tools that use the latest technologies to always perform. This has a non-negligible impact on its price.


FDM Laboratory Refrigerators


FDM - Environment Makers specializes in laboratory instruments that create isolated and controlled environments in which it is possible to alter environmental parameters.

Laboratory refrigerators fall into our field with a line of over ten models suitable for all needs.

Furthermore, our technicians can design tailor-made laboratory refrigerators to meet customer needs.

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