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Climate ChamberCB-CS Series CB-CS PRO SeriesDownload
Costant climate chambersTB-TS Series TB-TS PRO SeriesDownload
Climate chambers with illuminationLDCB-LBCB-LFCB-LACB Series LDCS-LBCS-LFCS-LDCS SeriesDownload
Material Test ChambersCBC-CSC SeriesDownload
Thermostatic bathVT SeriesDownload
OvensO-FV/NV SeriesDownload
Ultra Low Temperature FreezersNV-NR SeriesDownload
Blood and blood related productsES-E SeriesDownload
Medical Pharmaceutics technologyFL-MF-MG-DS-FB SeriesDownload


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Climate and Temperature Chambers OptionsDownload
Ultra Low Temperature Freezer OptionsDownload

The manufacturer can modify at any time the models described in this catalogue for technical or commercial reasons.