Growth chambers online by FDM

Comprehensive and innovative growth chambers for plant and tissue growth

For a broad range of industry specific and personal purposes, many people would like to get better and much faster growth for their plants than typical. The possibilities of rapid growth in a natural environment are quite less, and with growth chambers provided by the leading Italian growth chamber manufacturer FDM, you’ll see your plants nurture at a much faster pace with complete nourishment through custom tailored regulations in humidity, lighting and temperature of the grow internal chamber environment.

The adequate reaction to ideally set humidity and temperature conditions with homogeneous lighting is vital to have the ideal growth and development in different types of plants as well as other organisms. Thus, the broad range of chambers from Fratelli Della Marca consists of temperature regulation systems like preheating chambers, growth chamber with lighting and other special features helpful for attaining the right growth environment with total comfort.


Plant growth chambers by the company meet everyone’s requirements with the availability of distinctive features such as:

  • Temperature ranging from -25 to 70-degree C.
  • Intuitive touchscreen panel for simple control of the device
  • Advanced door heating system
  • Chambers with special lamp growth facilities

Some basic features you get with these chambers are:

  • Aluminium and steel chambers for exceptional uniformity of light
  • Ideal for sizable plant propagation and mass screening projects
  • 98% RH high humidity testing limit, this helps in disease distribution for infected plants
  • Single and multi-tier environments operating in modular platforms for a variety of plant testing

Range of Growth Chambers

The range of plant growth climatic chamber spaces from FDM is wide-ranging with innovative systems like led light growth, huge walk in rooms, reach-in plant chambers, and various other environment controlling systems. We also offer innovative and complete custom tailored packages for tissue culture growth chamber and other developments. We keep installation, design and supply of equipment among the top priorities of our business.

Since beginning experts from Fratelli Della Marca have been involved in carrying out extensive research in the plant science community for carving unmatched quality products that utterly mimic natural growth conditions.

Whether your custom product requirements encompass single or multiple complex humidity growth chamber, we’re familiar with every single aspect of the creation of chambers with smooth performance environment ideal for satisfying a wide variety of applications for different disciplines.

Growht chambers manufactured by FDM


Illumination testing chambers

Choose chambers with illumination: the perfect light distribution with the right led type for the right specimens; the perfect choice for simulate Light sun, Plant growth, Insect and Arabidopsis growth.