The laboratory equipments range from FDM offers a wide selection of lab gear and consumables required to get your job done in different areas like clinical, diagnostic, bio production, life sciences, cell culture, QA/QC testing, bio banking, and more.

With every passing day, we notice rapid advancements in technologies with the arrival of new products in the market. Before actually getting out there for use and sale, these innovations require time testing. The importance of lab testing cannot be denied as it is an essential measure in all types of industries like plastics, metals, biomaterials, cloth, films, concrete, medicinal devices, etc.

A special degree of engineering is required for testing materials that are usable for products; this means utilisation of mechanical examination to design machinery that would provide seamless, smooth performance during exposure to certain flexible conditions. Instead of mere construction, the whole process is carried forward for all equipment that is assembled for manufacturing the machinery. For example – Certain testing machines are designed to expose cars to day to day obstacles.

With the premium capabilities of FDM laboratory equipments, the quality of material and corrosion testing remains seamless. A comprehensive range of mechanical and metallurgical testing facilities are available in addition to a dedicated machine plant for providing specimen preparation.

The lab machinery and equipment is usable in the light of mechanical, chemical, metallurgical, nondestructive and corrosion testing. The concerned laboratory needs to be on par with quality requirements for undergoing material testing tasks.

Whether you need to conduct tests for failure analysis, product evaluation or consulting services for material testing, everything can be done inside a single facility with FDM material testing.

An insidious threat to machinery and equipment is corrosion as it seeps within coatings and progresses with passing the time. For minimization of these harmful failure effects, FDM employs a vast range of corrosion testing products. With the new and improved technologies in corrosion testing the corrosion testing machinery from FDM allows you to measure the amount of corrosion for a specific material. The laboratory testing is done primarily on metals such as alloys or steel – ferrous and non-ferrous to get rust proof products. The finest and tailor-made testing solutions and lab equipment are provided across the world for precision testing of materials.

Laboratory equipments manufactured by FDM

Laboratory refrigerator with a temperature range from range 3°C and +16°C

Laboratory refrigerators

Choose from lab fridges and scientific refrigerators: you'll find the perfect solution for you!

laboratory refrigerator FK360 with temperature range 0°C and +15°C

Laboratory freezers

Choose and customize your freeze machines and scientific freezer lab according to your requirements.

laboratory refrigerator freezer LB400C

Laboratory Fridge-freezers

These are suitable for applications and maintain samples in laboratories: choose the best products according to your requirements.


Laboratory dryers and ovens

They are made to superior quality and work perfectly in university and research laboratories: different sizes available

spark free laboratory refrigerator

Spark free laboratory refrigerators

Choose your ideal products for your laboratory among lab spark free laboratory refrigerators and freezers: different models available

vapor extraction equipment for sale

Vapor extraction system

Vapor system applied to fridge and freezers for laboratory, for quickly extracting internal vapors to environment.