Climate Chamber illumination FDM
Light test chambers

Light test chambers

We have realized the light test chambers for best plant, insect, sement growing.
Our climate chambers are equipped with different illumination lamps.

The system lets you control the fundamental parameters for fast growing: temperature, humidity and light. These variables
are tuned and checked by an automatic controller capable of a natural and uniform growing environment set.
You can choose where to install the lamps; shelves, walls or both.

Nowadays, we propose the following solutions and models for light test chambers:

  • LDC models: the perfect natural sunday light, with humidity and temperature
  • LBC models: for insect and animal growing, with temperature and humidity
  • LFC models: for plant growing, with temperature and humidity
  • LAC models: for arabidopsis best growing, with temperature and humidity

Our climate chambers with illumination can have other configurations depending on your specific simulation test.