When we talk about "test benches" in engineering and computer science, we can mean many different things. “Test bench” means a test bench both in an abstract and physical sense.

In other words, there are objects that are test benches as well as procedures.

We can therefore divide test benches into two categories: digital test benches and physical test benches.

In this article we will examine the importance of both bench tests in their respective areas of application.


The Digital Test Bench


Speaking of computer science and specifically software development, the digital test bench is a crucial procedure for verifying the correctness and performance of a program. In this context, a test bench is a virtual platform designed to evaluate the behavior of software in response to a set of predefined inputs. For example, if you are developing an application, the digital test bench could simulate different scenarios to ensure that the app works correctly under a variety of conditions.

Using the digital test bench not only speeds up the development process, but also helps reduce the risk of bugs and malfunctions once the software is in production. By automating thorough tests, developers can test before they reach the end user.

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The Physical Test Bench


Not only software but also hardware needs to be tested and physical engineering finds its equivalent in physical test benches. Physical test benches are real test environments, isolated and controlled in which it is possible to carry out a series of tests on electronic components.

This series of tests are regulated by some international standards such as ISO or IEC and are of different nature.

There are mechanical tests that verify the resistance of products and materials to shocks, voltages and so on and the very important climatic tests in electronics, which serve to simulate sometimes extreme environmental conditions to record how products and components react.

Test benches capable of carrying out tests of this type fall into the family of climatic chambers.

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The FDM Environmental Chamber as Test Bench


The FDM environmental chamber is a perfect example of what a test bench can be for physical testing of electronic products.

In the family of climatic chambers, environmental chambers are those specialized in extreme climatic tests, i.e. which reach very high temperature values in both directions.

In particular, in electronics, reaching certain temperatures is fundamental in many tests such as burn-in on boards, which we talked about in depth here.

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