Like other materials, the fabrics are tested in a climatic chamber to determine and certify different characteristics, from resistance to longevity.

In this article, we will talk about climate tests that aim to verify color fastness through accelerated aging.

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Climate Tests of Accelerated Aging on Fabrics

Far from being a matter for experts only, color fastness is a factor we take into account in everyday life, when we choose a specific detergent or when we set the washing machine on a certain program.

Beyond our individual precautions at the time of washing, the fabrics have different color fastnesses already settled in the production phase. Depending on the quality, not all fabrics discolour in the same way.

The accelerated aging tests in a climatic chamber are designed to measure the color fastness over time and it considers two main factors: exposure to sunlight and humidity. Both can be reproduced by a climatic chamber, thanks to the implementation of UV lamps that simulate sunlight and the alteration of the degree of humidity that each type of climatic chamber can perform.

The standard that regulates color fastness tests for fabrics in general is ISO 105-2013, drawn up by ISO, the International Organization for Standardization, the main standardization institution globally.


Climatic Tests of Accelerated Aging on Leather

Among all fabrics, leather occupies a particular position due to its high resistance to environmental factors. This does not mean that leather is free from accelerated aging tests, on the contrary: being a precious material, destined to last, the quality of each tanning must be suitably verified and certified.

Leather discolours like all other fabrics when exposed to certain environmental conditions for a long time. The accelerated aging test for the color fastness of the leather is regulated by the ISO 17228: 2015 standard.

However, accelerated aging tests on leather are also able to verify other characteristics, one above all the variation in size, i.e. when the material shrinks, and is regulated by ISO 17130: 2013.

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The FDM Climatic Chamber for Accelerated Aging Tests on Tissues

The accelerated aging test is among the most common climatic tests, and the FDM standard climatic chamber is able to reproduce it with precision and reliability.

All the tests mentioned in the article, on fabrics and leather, can be carried out in a simple and intuitive way thanks to our innovative stillFACE interface. For special needs, we can build a customized climatic chamber, do not hesitate to contact us.


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