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Environmental simulations - and the tools for carrying out environmental simulation tests such as climatic chambers - have revolutionized the world of goods, imposing on the one hand increasingly high standards for their safety and on the other helping to improve products and materials that they surround us in everyday life.

In the following article, we will explain in detail what environmental simulation is and why it is so important.


What is Environmental Simulation Testing?


We call environmental simulation all tests that reproduce certain atmospheric conditions in order to record and evaluate how products and materials behave.

The number of fields covered by environmental simulation testing is almost infinite: ranging from construction to electronics, through pharmaceuticals, food products and most of the consumer goods that we use in daily life.

The environmental simulation tests are then divided into sub-categories according to the specific purpose they pursue and we can mention:



The tools that perform environmental simulation tests are called climatic chambers.

Climate Stress

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Environmental Simulation Chambers


The climatic chamber is a laboratory instrument inside which it is possible to alter a series of parameters to carry out an environmental simulation.

The main parameters that all climatic chambers can alter are the temperature and relative humidity which play a decisive role in most environmental simulation tests.

But it is not only extreme temperatures and above-normal humidity values that affect the longevity of products and materials. In fact, the climatic chambers can be equipped with diffusers that simulate various types of precipitation and sets of UV lamps that reproduce the effects of sun exposure.

The Standards for Environmental Simulation Testing


Environmental simulation tests are regulated by a series of international bodies that precisely regulate each production sector.

Among these, the most important are the International Organization for Standardization and the ASTM International.

In the field of electronics, the IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission) which deals with climate tests in the IEC 60068 standard should also be mentioned.

These bodies establish the approval criteria and the tests necessary to obtain them for each sector. They are constantly updated so it is important to keep yourself informed.

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The FDM Chamber for Environmental Simulation


To carry out precise and reliable environmental simulation tests, we recommend the FDM climatic chambers.

Our climatic chambers have a temperature range from -25 ° C to + 70 ° C and humidity from 10% to 98% and can meet the requirements of most environmental simulation tests. It is also possible to equip them with the above accessories to extend the number of possible tests, with diffusers and lighting systems.

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