Scientific research requires flexible, reliable and high-level equipment.

In fact, scientists and laboratory technicians use ultra-low freezers to store their biological samples for a long period of time.

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For any question or support request, please contact us.

For any questions or support request, please contact us.

NV-NR Series: Technical Details

Main Features


from -45°C up to -86°C

Ultra Power

180 min to reach -86°C starting from 0°C

Ultra Stable

±1.5 K Stability



from 230 up to 600 liters


Controller for high accuracy


Included and variable in quantity according to the model

Backup System

Alarm system with Backup battery


Temperature rise over set point

Electric Power

230V ~ /50 Hz
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An ultra-low-temperature deep freezer is a must-have in any research laboratory, as it is essential to extend the life cycle of various materials, thus reducing the waste of expensive resources.

The operating temperature ranges from -45 to -89 degrees, in fact we refer to this instrument in most cases with the name -80 ultra-low freezer.

Ultra Low Laboratory Freezers

The low temperatures that an ultra low laboratory freezer can reach are suitable for scientific, in particular medical, but also industrial applications. 

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