Hydraulic press tensile test is a type of laboratory mechanical test.

The test aims to verify the resistance of a material when it is pulled in opposite directions.

The sample to be tested is placed in the hydraulic press, a laboratory instrument that applies a gradual force to the material until failure occurs.

This way you can measure the strength of the material and how much force it can withstand before breaking.

The main international standards governing the performance of the tensile test with a hydraulic press are ISO 6892-1:2016: and ASTM E8 / E8M.

Climatic Test Chamber for Hydraulic Press

If you have an hydraulic press, and you need to do tensile tests in a climatic chamber, FDM has developed the right solution for your requirements. We designed a unique machine that allows the coupling with your current press.

The climatic chamber can be coupled and decoupled to the press in a simple and fast way, thanks to the installation of the chamber on rails. Because of this, it will be enough to pull out the chamber’s axes and slide the climatic structure backwards.

These types of instruments are widely used to test the resistance of all types of packagings


The project started with the requirement of one of our customers, who was already in possession of an hydraulic press and asked us to create a climatic module coupled with it.

We met our customer's requirements by creating a customized chamber for a unique kind of testing.

Main features of the climatic hydraulic press are:

Temperature range: -30/+80°C

Temperature changes in time: ±0.1…0.5°C

Max Cooling/Heating Speed: +5/-5°C/min

Other features of climatic hydraulic press::

  • Temperature and humidity sensor positioned near the test sample
  • RS485 interface port
  • External electronic controller with programmer
  • Controlled humidity to avoid condensation
  • External glass door with inner lighting to the climatic module
  • Internal and external structure completely in AISI 304 stainless steel
  • Fairlead holes in both side walls

The climatic chamber for tensile test (or climatic hydraulic press),can work both with manual and automatic mode through the software already installed on the press with RS485 interface and external electronic controller.


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