For those who love mushrooms, going to collect them in the woods is an excellent pastime, relaxing and stimulating at the same time. But there are those who choose another path: there are those who choose to grow them themselves.

For this purpose there is no better tool than the mushroom fruiting chamber.

Today we find out how it works.

What is the Mushroom Fruiting Chamber


The mushroom fruiting chamber is an isolated and controlled environment that simulates the ideal conditions for mushroom growth, stimulating the "fruiting" process.

For fungi, fruiting is the same process as flowering for flowers. 

From the mycelium - i.e. the vegetative apparatus of mushrooms, what is the seed for plants -, through the fruiting process, the actual mushroom grows, with the cap-like structure which is usually the edible part that we all we love.

However, this process needs very precise environmental conditions to take place and this is where the mushroom fruiting chamber comes into play.

Illumination Chamber

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How the Mushroom Fruiting Chamber Works


The mushroom fruiting chamber is able to precisely simulate the ideal environment to start the fruiting process. This environment depends on three parameters:


  • Humidity: Mushrooms require a highly humid environment to grow. The fruiting chamber is equipped with high-tech systems that regulate the internal humidity of the chamber, in order to set the optimal values. This prevents the mushrooms from dehydrating during growth.


  • Temperature: Different types of mushrooms thrive at different temperatures. For this reason, fruiting chambers for mushrooms also require a system capable of regulating the internal temperature and keeping it constant, in accordance with the specific needs of the species in question.


  • Lighting: Finally, the amount of light to give to the mushrooms is also not random. Mushrooms usually live in the undergrowth and need light that is not too intense but not absent either. Mushroom fruiting chambers have lighting systems that can accurately simulate the optimal sun exposure that mushrooms receive in their natural environment.


For this last reason, the chambers specialized in the growth of tree crops - including those for the fruiting of mushrooms - are also called illumination chambers.

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The FDM Illumination Chamber for Mushroom Fruiting


FDM illumination chambers are a professional laboratory tool that meets all the criteria for achieving fruiting of your mushrooms.

In FDM lighting chambers, in fact, it is possible to precisely regulate the relative humidity and internal temperature values and can also be equipped with various lighting systems that faithfully reproduce the solar lighting necessary for the fruiting of mushrooms.

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