We all, more or less, know what a greenhouse is.

Appearing over two millennia ago, greenhouses have accompanied the evolution of agricultural techniques, guaranteeing humanity ever greater harvest reliability.

Climate controlled greenhouses are a category of greenhouses that include the most technologically advanced structures.

In today's article we will see what climate controlled greenhouses are, what distinguishes them from traditional greenhouses and, finally, what alternatives there are for small growers and researchers.

Climate Controlled Greenhouse: Definition and Differences Compared to Traditional Greenhouses


Understanding what a Climate Controlled Greenhouse is is not an easy task and for a very simple reason: every greenhouse is a structure created to guarantee a certain climate control.

Since the first experiments of the ancient Romans, through the Middle Ages and the modern age and up to the present day, greenhouses have been a fundamental tool in agriculture capable of altering the microclimate inside to encourage the growth of crops.

Therefore, although every greenhouse involves climate control, today a distinction is made between traditional greenhouses and greenhouses with climate control.

A climate-controlled greenhouse is an advanced structure that uses sophisticated technologies to precisely monitor and regulate temperature, humidity, light and other environmental factors crucial to plant growth.

Compared to traditional greenhouses, which depend on external atmospheric conditions and alter them so to speak "passively", greenhouses with climate control offer a much higher level of management and optimization.

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Greenhouse Technologies with Climate Control


But what are the technologies that make up a climate-controlled greenhouse?

Let's see the main ones here.


  • Heating and Cooling Systems: Climate-controlled greenhouses are equipped with heating and cooling systems that maintain optimal temperatures for plant growth. These systems can include hot air heaters, evaporative cooling systems, and heat pumps.


  • Humidity Control: Humidity control is essential to prevent fungal diseases and promote healthy plant growth. Climate-controlled greenhouses use humidification and dehumidification systems to maintain optimal humidity levels.


  • Artificial Lighting: In addition to sunlight, climate-controlled greenhouses employ artificial lighting systems to provide a constant amount of light needed for photosynthesis and other processes.


  • Irrigation Control: Automated irrigation systems deliver water to plants based on their specific needs, optimizing the use of water resources and promoting uniform, healthy growth.


Alternatives to Climate Controlled Greenhouses


Climate-controlled greenhouses are exceptional tools for both food cultivation and research purposes.

The ability to alter and monitor atmospheric conditions at will is essential to the work of researchers, giving them the opportunity to experiment with precision and reliability.

However, Climate Controlled Greenhouses are very large and expensive structures.

If you cannot access funds of this type, the best alternative is a growth chamber.


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The FDM Growth Chamber


Growth chambers can be conceptualized as miniature climate-controlled greenhouses. Available in various sizes, but all comparable to a common refrigerator, the growth chambers are environments hermetically isolated from the outside, inside which it is possible to alter temperature, relative humidity and lighting, just like in greenhouses with climate control.

The FDM Growth Chamber, which includes 5 different types of lighting systems that can be positioned horizontally or vertically, depending on the customer's needs.

We can also build customized growth chambers, as we did for researchers at the University of Turin. You can read the story here.

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