Walk-in Environmental Chambers = Accessible Environmental Chambers

You might have read the words “walk-in” associated with a climatic test chamber: what is it about? 

Quite simply, a walk-in chamber is a chamber of large dimensions that you can literally walk into.

For this reason, we could also define this type of instruments as accessible climatic chambers.

Walk-in Chambers: Features

The walk-in chambers can be both thermostatic and climatic, like the standard environmental chambers. In the first case, they allow controlling and managing only the temperature parameter, in the second case, also the humidity.

To these parameters, manufacturers can also request to add CO2 control and illumination, which we will see below.

The walk-in chambers are managed by a control panel which can be positioned externally, to facilitate the operator.

The volumes of a walk-in chamber, being beyond common standards, are usually designed according to specifications defined directly by the customer, according to:

  • room inside the laboratory
  • specific application

In most cases, these accessible chambers are made up of prefabricated modular panels, to adapt them perfectly to the reference laboratory, rather than the opposite, as is the case with instrumentation with standard volumes.

In research laboratories, in fact, the room available is not always ideal for a masonry chamber.

This flexibility allows the assembly of walk-in chambers almost everywhere and makes any modifications in progress easy. In addition, the size of these rooms allows the internal construction of test benches within the same climate test.

But the main reason why industries rely on a walk-in chamber to carry out their climatic tests is also the most obvious and simple one: the size and weight of the sample to be tested.

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Walk-in Chambers: Main applications

Industry goods are not always tested in their individual components. We mostly refer to the following applications:

  • aerospace 
  • aeronautical
  • Automotive
  • military

These are the main applications in which an accessible chamber may be required

The products of the above mentioned industries must undergo special tests, which simulate the real extreme conditions of their life cycle, such as shocks and temperature changes.

Spacecraft, military aircraft, ships, cars: every detail is essential to ensure maximum safety of people and the best performance for the vehicle.

To keep the same performances as a smaller climatic chamber, such as the same cooling and heating rate, the same temperature and humidity range, the walk-in chamber requires a different and more powerful technology.

However, the use of an accessible chamber is not necessarily related to the size of the sample to be tested. A walk-in chamber can also be used to test different units at the same time.


Walk-in Chambers: Secondary Applications

Growth chambers are climatic chambers used specifically for the germination of plants, insects, fungi and bacteria of various types.

Those for plants may require a large space in case of:

  • tests for large propagation, hydroponic germination and tissue cultures
  • different types of plants, to test their reaction in the same environment
  • same type of plant, in different conditions, independent with each other
  • growth acceleration of a single plant, to analyse the results.

Walk-in growth chambers are widely used in agricultural research and may also require the injection of CO2 and other types of gas.

Also, the space in these accessible chambers facilitates the positioning of lamps for the illumination and the simulation of day/night cycles, essential for the plant.

Other applications of accessible chambers can include:

  • safety devices and electrical cabinets (EN 13849)
  • hydraulic equipment (EN 15714)
  • large lighting devices
  • telecommunications systems
  • photovoltaic modules

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