At FDM, we specialize in manufacturing custom environmental chamber and custom lab equipment.

For several years now, we have been providing high quality custom environmental chamber to our customers. Over the years, we have become known for satisfying our customers’ needs, providing them with customized solutions of the highest quality.

Having been successful in the industry for six decades now, we still remain true to our roots. We strive to custom build environmental chambers that provide our customers with true value.

Our custom test chamber and lab equipment exhibit the highest standards of workmanship and we are known for being completely flexible with clients’ requests.

We work closely with our clients to create quality equipment that is completely customized to their needs.

We develop custom environmental test chambers with optimized volumes, removable doors or exceptional specimens testing. We design and develop machines for special mechanical tyre testing, climatic chambers with path tracks for mice testing and environmental chambers with special filters or lights.

Experience the best in personalized environmental chambers and lab equipment with FDM!

Our custom manufacturing skills guarantee you a quality custom environmental chamber

When it comes to finding top quality custom environmental chambers online, FDM is the right place to look. We have decades of experience in manufacturing a wide range of custom laboratory equipment.

Thanks to our expertise and innovative technical skills, we excel in environmental room design.

Whatever your needs are, we can design the environmental chamber that works best for you. We can customize your climate chambers to include:

  • Specific temperature range
  • Specific humidity range
  • Internal test volume 
  • Specific illumination condition
  • Particular mechanical conditions

If you’re looking to personalize a climate chamber, you’re in the right place. Our custom temperature/humidity chambers are just what you need.

Customized climatic chambers that we build:

Custom environmental chamber module for hydraulic presses

We create climatic modules that can also work coupled with any hydraulic press. With this type of module you may execute an hydraulic test press in specific environmental conditions.

The main features of this climatic hydraulic press are: the temperature range from -30 to +80°C, the temperature changes in time from  ±0.1 to 0.5°C and max Cooling / Heating Speed from +5/-5 °C.

Click here for more details on this custom climatic module for hydraulic press  

Custom light climatic chambers

We also build custom climatic chambers for keeping mice, equipped with photo-period reproduction and temperature, humidity and light control.

The main features of this custom light climatic chamber are: temperature range that varies from 0 to 40°, temperature stability (K) ± 1, humidity range (%) 30/80, humidity fluctuation (%) ± 2,5.

Click here for more details on this custom light climatic chamber

Custom cyclic climatic chambers

We also create durable cyclic climatic chambers for executing environmental tests. This type of chamber is equipped with temperature stability of ±0.1°C, temperature range –40°/+180°C and temperature uniformity of ±1,5 °C.

Click here for more details on this custom clycic climatic chamber

Why choose us to build your custom environmental chamber? 

When it comes to choosing climatic test chambers or other sophisticated laboratory equipment, you need top quality products that you can rely on. A simple standard climatic chamber, as the ones offered by big brands, just won’t cut it. For best results, you need to build your own environmental chamber as per your specific needs and requirements. Here’s where FDM can help you out.

FDM has been supplying high quality, custom climatic test chambers and other custom laboratory equipment for decades. We have the necessary skills and expertise to build environmental chambers and tested and standardized test chambers.

Create a comfortable, efficient and effective testing environment in your laboratory with our custom climatic test chambers and lab equipment!

Call us at +39 06 29 80 42 to discuss your custom machinery requirements with one of our experts!
If you prefer you can customize now your climatic chamber here 
and receive custom quotation.

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