Today we are covering the new performing portable climatic chamber for environmental testing, designed by FDM upon specific requirements of one of our customers.

It is a state-of-the-art instrument, designed with innovative materials and technology, and developed to test specimens in particular climatic conditions.

This portable environmental chamber, conceived with a way smaller volume than standard chambers (40C180V25) is a PID (Proportional Integral Differential) device to be used for stability conditions testing.

Alternatively, it can be equipped with a programmable controller for cycling testing; in this case you can manage temperature and humidity, and have a more dynamic test.

The sample can be easily subjected to further environmental parameters. 

The total weight is below 80 Kg: a unique device of its kind!



We have indeed customized the climate chamber according to the specifications provided by our customer.

One of the fundamental requests was to design the environmental chamber as compact as possible, so easy to transport so that it could be used in laboratories of any size.

The climatic chamber for portable environmental tests is configured for a specific customer who has requested us to solve a particular testing condition in a very small environment.

This compact climatic chamber has many advantages, which make it "unique" when compared with the standard features of the climatic chambers available on the market.

You cannot find the ideal chamber for your test?

Create your own environment, according to any test requirement

FDM's mission was to satisfy the requirements of the customer, with all the technology of a standard climatic chamber with even extended performances, but contained in a compact device.

The advantages of small climatic chambers are several:

  • Wide range of climatic conditions, with temperatures between -40°C and +180°C, with variable relative humidity from 30% to 98% and with a fluctuation range of less than 3.
  • The material used to manufacture this device is of excellent workmanship. The outside is made of galvanized white-painted steel and the interior is made of AISI 304 stainless steel.
  • The device is isolated and free of CFCs and HCFCs.
  • Its interior consists of a steel grid, removable and adjustable in height.
  • Easly trasportable
  • Quick installation also on surface table


Exterior Dimensions [mm]:

  • Width – 444
  • Depth – 695
  • Height – 690

Interior Dimensions [mm]:

  • Width – 300
  • Depth – 235
  • Height – 295



Download complete datasheet:

In this very compact interior space, any sample with volume up to 25 liters can be tested, which is quite impressive, considering that this volume does not affect its climatic performances in any way.


The electrical parameters configured in this device are the following:

  • Energy consumption at 37°C is 0.5[kWh/h]
  • Voltage capacity is 220/240V
  • Power Frequency of 50 Hz
  • Rated Power of 1 kW and Rated Voltage (Phase) of ‘1-‘
  • 16 A Unit Fuse

But the feature that mostly makes the climatic chamber for portable environmental tests unique is represented by the safety measures taken into consideration to meet the requirements from our customers: the 40C180V25 is in fact a product immune from any accident that could occur during the period of test.

These safety measures consist of:

  • Constant Monitoring Controller: minimizes the possibility of sudden changes in test values.
  • Alarm function and high security: in this function, the audiovisual alarm is activated every time the temperature becomes too hot for the test sample.
  • Class 1 (DIN 12880) Safety device with manual reset

In summary: it is portable, precise and performing.

The climatic chamber for portable environmental tests can be used in any test condition thanks to its "dynamic" characteristics. In other words, a compact climatic chamber !


Configure the climate chamber tailored to your own requirements.

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