When a tire stress test chamber is used, and why? Let us find out together and see how FDM developed the perfect solution for testing tires.

What is the Pneumatic Stress Test Chamber for? 

During the F1 races the pilots submit cars to idle speeds.

In these situations, the tires must ensure adherence to the asphalt in the most efficient way possible, to avoid compromising the race. However, the efficiency of this grip decreases during the race, thus causing the inevitable consumption of tires.

To be able to calculate this wear during R&D and thus be able to prevent and manage it then, as the product is finished, the leading company Bridgestone required a solid automation machine, that could perform stress tests on its Formula 1 tires.


The FDM Chamber for Pneumatic Stress Testing

FDM has responded to the requirement of Bridgestone, by developing a customized product: a stress test chamber with robotic arms, capable of drafting tires .

Th chamber for pneumatic stress test made by FDM, allows testing the cycling pressure and the stretching of different tire samples also in parallel, together with the possibility to set both temperature and humidity parameters inside the instrument.


The test is carried out in accordance with international standards, to be precise ISO 83.160.10 which outlines the procedures for all tests on tires, of any type of vehicle.

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Another important feature is that the cycle count and the stress calculation are present in each cycle. The chamber stores every relevant data during the stress test and issues a detailed report file of them.

When the tire breaks, the instrument alerts the user via alarm .

Our greatest strength is personalization: FDM works every day to develop products that can meet different testing requirements.

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