Have you had a malfunctioning in your environmental chamber and are you looking for environmental chamber repair services?

Or do you want to know in advance what the repair of the environmental chamber consists of in order to be prepared for any eventuality?

In the following article we will try to solve all your doubts in this regard, first addressing the issue of environmental chamber repair in general and then explaining the repair services of our FDM - Environment Makers environmental chambers.


Environmental Chamber Repair: How Often?


The first question that comes to mind is how often do you need to repair your environmental chamber yourself or contact specific environmental chamber repair services.

The answer is: very little.

The reason is soon to be said. Environmental chambers are highly sophisticated tools built to last over time.

Being a rather expensive investment, it is in the interest of both the producer and the customer that the final product does not disappoint expectations. For this reason, almost every climatic chamber manufacturer performs an initial calibration of the chamber during testing and then provides the customer with the relevant certification.

It is therefore not customary to deal with failures in the ordinary use of environmental chambers and climatic chambers.

However, if the tool is used frequently for long periods of time, - perhaps with incorrect routine maintenance - the wear can generate some problems.

Let's see which ones.

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Environmental Chamber Repair or Maintenance?


An important distinction to be made when it comes to interventions in the environmental chamber is that between ordinary maintenance and extraordinary maintenance.

With ordinary maintenance we refer to a whole series of interventions and routine checks that are necessary for the correct functioning of the environmental chamber, to keep its performance always above certain standards and to avoid real breakdowns.

It involves periodically checking the operation of all systems, carefully cleaning certain components and replacing others at a certain frequency.

We have addressed the topic in detail here.

By extraordinary maintenance, on the other hand, we mean real breakdowns and malfunctions that often require the intervention of a technician.


Most common faults in Environmental Chamber Repair


Of all the components of an environmental chamber, it is those that are most frequently stressed that are the most subject to failures that partially or completely compromise their operation.

Among these we can enumerate: the refrigeration compressor, the water loading valve, the various fans, the temperature and humidity probe, the humidification system, up to the so-called "brains" that control the entire climate test system.

These are very delicate components whose repair requires specific knowledge that only specialized technicians can guarantee. If you have suitable technicians in your company, you can repair the environmental chamber yourself.

However, we recommend that you contact the manufacturer directly, who should guarantee a technical assistance service capable of carrying out prompt repairs.

This is how we at FDM - Environment Makers do it.

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Repair of the FDM Environmental Chamber


For more than 70 years we have been building environmental chambers with seriousness and passion, always putting our customers' needs at the centre. For this reason, FDM - Environment Makers offers an environmental chamber repair service through our prompt technical assistance which responds to the email:

Furthermore, our engineers can remotely connect to the camera via the RS485 port (stillFACE) or ethernet interface (revoFACE) to make an initial assessment of the nature of the problem.

In case of need, do not hesitate to contact us.

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