The growth chambers for lighting tests, manufactured now for years and much appreciated by our customers, have been further improved and equipped with different types of lamps.

We developed a product that provides the best growing conditions for plants, insects and organisms.

The system allows managing the three basic parameters for accelerated growth: 

  • Ideal temperature
  • Ideal humidity
  • Ideal illumination

Illumination Chamber

Discover the latest features of FDM Growth Chambers.

These variables are managed by a high-technology control system, that enables a uniform and natural growing test. 

Our customer can configure his own climatic environment, choosing among different types of lamps on shelves, walls or both.

Today we provide, for different applications, four different series:


LDC Series : Simulates the natural light of the day; controls humidity, temperature and lighting

LBC Series : Simulates the ideal light for animal incubation and organism growth; controls humidity, temperature and lighting

LFC Series : Simulates lighting for plant growth; controls humidity, temperature and lighting

LAC Series : Ideal for the growth of the Arabidopsis plant; controls humidity, temperature and lighting


Our climatic chambers with illumination can also have other configurations, according to different specific requirements.


Read more about Illumination Chambers and download the Datasheet.