How to Choose the Right Climate Chamber


You will certainly need to purchase a climatic chamber.

Product tests are governed by rigorous international standards, such as ISO, the International Organization for Standardization, which do not allow for superficiality.

Of course you'll need buy a climate chamber.

The price of a climatic chamber is defined by three main elements:

  1. The humidity percentage, that increases the reliability of the test
  2. Range of the percentage of moisture, to increase the reliability of the test
  3. The volume of the testing environment

As for the latter, the choice will be mainly addressed by two factors: the size and number of samples that you will have to test at the same time and the available room inside your laboratory.

You will also have to evaluate possible further requirements and/or specific regulations you might have to comply with: we refer, for example, to the illumination parameter and, in the second case, to official standards to follow, in order to carry out the test. Such regulations could imply a particular feature that the machine will have to be equipped with.

Once you have decided on all these variables, you will start searching for the right climatic chamber and will probably find difficulties with the multitude of options available in the market.

The problem at this point would be: how to choose the right climatic chamber for my test?

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Climatic Chamber On a Budget

Inevitably, the first variable to consider before making any purchase is the price.

Even a climatic chamber, despite its high tech content, comes with a wide price range, from cheap climatic chambers, to machines that have the price of a racing car!

Determining the cost of a climatic chamber is not easy and many variables must be taken into consideration.

We know well that, once the purchase is decided, there is a budget that firstly has to be approved and then met. Moreover, this budget is not directly managed by the end user of the equipment, the laboratory technician.

In fact, in most cases, the choice will fall on a cheap climatic chamber.

Although, it is quite risky to have the decision guided only by a competitive price. 

The climatic chamber is in fact extremely complex equipment.

Finding a machine on the market at a low a price might mean, for example:


    • Low quality components, which could imply very high maintenance costs in the long run
    • Bad conditions it could in fact be a used or a refurbished one, that might mean a chamber with a life cycle almost at its end. This, too, in the long run, could involve the purchase of a new climatic chamber and consequent higher costs.
    • Poor test reliability


The latter is extremely important, as it is directly connected to the reasons why a laboratory technician would decide to purchase a climatic chamber, that are to have a test that is reliable and compliant with the official norms from regulatory bodies.

In the next paragraph, we will also deepen this last topic.


How to Evaluate the Price of a Climatic Chamber

So how can we evaluate the price of a climatic chamber for a possible purchase?

Let us sum up the main variables below:

Type of Test 

What are the minimum requirements your test has to comply with?

First, study in depth the kind of tests you need to perform. 

There is no need for your climatic chamber to be able to perform more than required, it would be a waste of money. 

In any case, FDM highly recommends to foresee the use that will be made of the device in the long term. This will help avoiding the opposite mistake: buying a limited device, also volume-wise, just to save room in the laboratory, for example, or to save money. 


Technical Specifications

What are the climatic chambers with the lowest possible margin of error available?

Saving on the quality of the equipment is a common mistake: before purchasing a climatic chamber, we recommend you to deeply study all technical specifications from the eligible machine and compare it with the other solutions on the market.

Only after making sure that all eligible solutions come with similar technical specifications, the price issue will definitely make more sense.

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Type of Controller

The controller with which the chamber will be equipped, the actual “brain” of the machine, can significantly balance the price of a climatic chamber.

Based on the field of application, in fact, the controller can manage whether the temperature should remain stable, or will be controlled manually by the operator, or programmed by automatic cycles directly from the controller itself.

Obviously the most convenient solution for the laboratory researcher is the automatic cycle system, which is controlled by a touch panel that can be managed independently.


Humidity parameter

The humidity parameter is another discriminant for determining the price of a chamber for climatic testing

In case humidity management is not required in your test, you can save a lot on the final price of the machine. In this case, we will no longer refer to a climatic chamber, but to a temperature chamber, a chamber that exclusively controls the temperature parameter.

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Included Options

As anticipated above, it is easy to choose a climatic chamber over another based on a competitive price. 

In these cases, what we always recommend is to ask your potential supplier for the final price that you would pay, including all required options. 

Not infrequently, in fact, the price that attracted you might refer to a configuration that includes only standard specifications and not all those you will need for your test.

The supplier of climatic chambers... he will therefore have to be able to answer the question: which features are optional and which are "standard"?


Technical Assistance

Better to know in advance how the technical assistance of the chamber you want to buy will be managed. 

Is there support ready to answer your questions, during installation and during the life cycle of the product? Is the service included in the price of the equipment? What does the warranty?

When evaluating the price of a climate chamber, consider this last point in depth as well.

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