Capital Goods Rental


In recent years, especially over the past decade, we have witnessed an exponential growth in rental and leasing for many capital goods, which in the past were, in most cases, purchased. The most common example is certainly that of cars, but not only. Even industrial machinery and laboratory equipment, exactly the types of instrumentation concerning our application, are rather in demand in this form nowadays.

The reason? These instruments are, in most cases, expensive but nonetheless necessary for industrial and scientific research.

Consequently, the offerings of such services by many manufacturing companies are growing, since companies have found new ways of making profit through them.

Environmental Chamber Rental


An environmental chamber is a high-tech tool with an important price, if you decide to purchase a high-quality machine.

For a laboratory technician, it can be not easy to have the budget for a costly purchase approved by his management.

Among other things, it is not uncommon to have to complete a one-off measurement or more concentrated measurements all in a short period of time and therefore not requiring to always have the tool available.

So often, many companies are seeking for solutions other than purchasing, in case, in fact, they need limited tests in number, or if, for example, they are in a startup phase, with limited funds.

Environmental Chamber Rental: The Pros  


Now let us see what the advantages of a rental climatic chamber can be:


  • Convenience in cases of limited usage: if the requirement of a company is to perform a specific test only once, rarely or for a short period of time, renting or leasing the equipment may be convenient


  • Management of ordinary and extraordinary technical assistance: if you take equipment for hire or leasing, you do not have to worry about maintenance and/or any failures: in case of malfunction, in fact, the climatic chamber will be hypothetically replaced with another functioning one. You will also not have to deal with the wear of the instrument.


  • Gestione dell’assistenza tecnica ordinaria e straordinaria: Se si prende apparecchiatura a noleggio o in leasing, non bisogna preoccuparsi della manutenzione e/o di eventuali guasti: in caso di malfunzionamento, infatti, la camera climatica dovrà essere ipoteticamente sostituita con un’altra funzionante dal fornitore. Non si avrà neppure a che fare, inoltre, con l’usura dello strumento


  • Possibility of redemption: some companies give the opportunity to totally redeem the instrument at the end of the rental period, in some cases even being refunded with part of the rental outlay


  • Elimination of disposal costs: obviously there will be no costs at the end of the product life cycle, but it will be the producer or distributor of the climatic chamber that will bear this burden.

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Environmental Chamber Rental: The Cons 


What are the probable disadvantages of renting a climatic chamber?


  • Any new test requirements: it is very usual that, after renting an instrument, you realize that you have to repeat the same test more times, or, in the worst cases, you have a new requirement, which implies additional sets of climatic tests


  • No real convenience: the cost of a rental, especially in long-term cases, often borders on the cost of a brand new climatic chamber. In the short-term cases, however, the unit price for a single test, proportionally, can be exorbitant. Obviously, companies, in order to protect themselves from the risks of possible incidents for the equipment, during use or transportation, will have to keep the prices high enough to be able to continue to provide this service, without losing money.


  • Contracts not clear/not convenient/deceptive: from a legal point of view, in fact, it is not always very clear where the responsibility of the company ends and the buyer’s begins and what costs are really included in the event of malfunctions: it is not easy to determine what it is actually part of the contract, with the risk of finding unexpected costs to be faced.


  • Long product life cycle: the increase in rentals in recent years is mainly due to a decrease in the life cycle of products. Technology goes faster and faster, so capital goods go into obsolescence earlier. However, the climatic chamber is not a "commercial" tool and has a very long life cycle. In fact, even used equipment maintain a rather high price.
  • You do not own the instrument: apparently the most banal reason, actually the most important. Not owning the instrument means not being able to use it every time you have a new requirement or if you have to repeat a test.


All the above mentioned reasons lead to the same conclusion: by renting a climatic chamber you will end up, in some cases, spending on a rental more than you would have spent on the purchase, or being forced to buy the climatic chamber after renting it for a long time.

The FDM Solutions

At FDM we do know the pros and cons of renting or buying climatic chambers. As manufacturers, we do our best to provide top quality solutions at competitive costs.

We supply equipment for different price ranges and requirements, in light of our 70 years of experience in the field of environmental climatic control.

We will be able to advise you on the best solution for every budget and type of test

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All FDM products are built with the best quality components, have a long life cycle and require minimal maintenance. But even in case of need, our technical assistance will not leave you alone. You can contact us for free by phone or email and we will do everything to solve your possible failure. Do you have a problem that we cannot solve remotely? In this case, we have official technicians present throughout Italy and everywhere abroad.

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