climatic chamber for plant growth

Among laboratory chambers, the plant growth chamber is undoubtedly the most chosen among those who decide to try to build it themselves.

But is it possible to make an efficient plant growth chamber at home? And is it worth it?

Today we will see how to make a growth chamber for plants at home and we will analyze whether it is worth it given the costs, efficiency and expertise required.

What is a Plant Growth Chamber Used For?


First of all, let's see what a plant growth chamber is and what it is used for.

Plant growth chambers are isolated environments in which it is possible to artificially grow plants, small insects and bacterial cultures.

The minimum requirements for a plant growth chamber are: an isolated and controlled environment, i.e. the chamber itself, one or more ways of keeping environmental parameters such as temperature, relative humidity and ventilation under control, and finally, the most important, a lighting system suitable for the purpose.

Now we will look at how to make a plant growth chamber and whether it is possible to meet these requirements at home.


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The Chamber


First you need to get the room itself. Generally, hobbyists use common cabinets of variable dimensions.

Depending on the use we intend to make of our plant growth chamber, the size of the space varies considerably. The minimum size is around 1m x 1m cabinets, for small crops.

Control of Environmental Parameters


Controlling environmental parameters is the most complex task for those who want to make a plant growth chamber. In fact, professional growth chambers have very advanced technologies that allow you to precisely control relative humidity and temperature inside the chamber, whereas in a do-it-yourself chamber you need to be a little ingenious.

Meanwhile, the chamber itself must be placed in a cool and dry environment but since it is not possible to prevent the temperature inside from rising and the air from stagnating, the preferred solution of most amateur builders is the installation of a common fan which, when activated periodically, ensures air circulation and temperature drop.



Finally there is lighting. There are various lighting systems for growth chambers, depending on the purpose. Some lamps are designed to simulate sunlight, others are specific for the accelerated growth of plants and still others for the incubation of insects and bacteria.

Costs vary depending on the size of the system and its specifications but the installation is relatively simple and, unlike the control of environmental parameters, it can reproduce the effect of a professional chamber quite faithfully.


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The FDM Plant Growth Chamber


Building a plant growth chamber can be very satisfying, like any successful DIY project. However, for the reasons we have explained above, the result is never really comparable to a professional chamber.

In fact, FDM plant growth chambers have high-tech systems that regulate internal temperature and relative humidity with maximum precision and completely isolate the environment from the outside.

Furthermore, our growth chambers have a variety of lighting systems that are suitable for all purposes.

FDM also creates customized growth chambers for plants as we did for the University of Turin. A story you can read here.

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